VIDEO: Competition was blooming marvellous

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The 14th annual Morecambe in Bloom awards 2013 was attended by a record number of people.

Regent Leisure Park was packed to the rafters with award winners and family members keen to see which trophy or certificate they were to be presented with.

Winners at the 14th annual Morecambe in Bloom Awards 2013.

Winners at the 14th annual Morecambe in Bloom Awards 2013.

The judges had been overwhelmed with entries this year and had a difficult time choosing winners for each category.

Everyone agreed it was the biggest and best turnout yet for the annual competition.


Lancaster City Council Tourism Award presented by judge Helen Ryan

1 Gold Crown Hotel; silver gilt: Yacht Bay View; silver: Shipping Lanes Hotel; silver: Dog and Partridge.

Whiteside and Knowles Community Challenge Trophy judged by Bill Blackledge

1 Gold Kingsway Court; runner-up silver gilt: Queen Elizabeth Court; silver gilt: St Mary’s Church; silver: Tarnbrook Court; bronze: Poulton Community Garden

David Jordan memorial trophy for the best backyard judged by Robin and Mary Colhoun

1 Silver gilt: Betty Atack; silver: Tracy Deakin; silver: Bev Jenkins; silver: Patricia MacDonald; bronze: Joseph Cowell; bronze: Robina Beaumont

Morecambe and District Chamber of Trade Business Trophy judged by Mike and Diane Whalley

1 Silver gilt: Lancaster and Morecambe Crematorium; 2 silver: Little Shop of Hobbies; bronze: Crown Hotel; bronze: Dog and Partridge; bronze: The Shipping Lanes Hotel

The Joan Adams Memorial Trophy for best hanging basket judged by Les Foden

1 Gold Tarnbrook Court; 2 gold: Robina Beaumont; gold: Patricia MacDonald; silver gilt: Dog and Partridge; silver gilt: Betty Atack; silver gilt: Bev Jenkins; silver: Fred and Bunty Schofield; bronze: June Lund; bronze: Patricia Browning; bronze: Anne Bottomley; bronze: Tracy Deakin; bronze: James Lightbown; bronze: Mavis Pilling; bronze: Terance Wood

Best terrace frontage judged by John Wilson

1 Gold Betty Atack; 2 gold: Patricia Redford; silver gilt: Margaret Bould; silver gilt: Pat MacDonald; silver: Robina Beaumont

Lesley Jordan Trophy for best street

1 Silver gilt: Lord Street; silver gilt: North Street; silver: Victoria Mews

Best original feature judged by Barry Atack

1 Gold: June Lund; silver gilt: Terance Wood; silver: Tracy Deakin; silver: Malcolm Woodhouse; bronze: Mrs M.C. Jones

Morecambe Bay Chemist award for best aggregate score

1 Betty Atack

Morecambe Neighbourhood Council Amateur Garden Challenge Trophy judged by Paul Cocker

1 Gold: Jim Lightbown; silver gilt: Terry O’Neill; silver gilt: Michael Moorhouse; silver gilt: Terance Wood; silver gilt: June Lund; silver gilt: Isla Overfield; silver gilt: Anne Bottomley; silver gilt: Mrs A.C.Shaw; silver: Pamela and Edward Hargreaves; silver: Howard Rogerson; silver: Malcolm Dilley; silver: Fred and Bunty Schofield; bronze: Alan and Irena Lewarne; bronze: Tracy Deakin; bronze: Dennis Walker; bronze: Patricia Browning; bronze: Paul Wilkinson; bronze: Louise Lambert.

Chairman’s trophy

Paul Cocker.

Morecambe in Bloom is sponsored by: Morecambe and District Chamber of Trade; The Green Room Coffee House; JWK Solicitors; Diane and Mike Whalley; Morecambe in Bloom Committee; Lancaster City Council; Vera Bailey; Morecambe Bay Chemist; Regent Leisure Park and Central Printing Company.