VIDEO: Cat from Morecambe has life saved after public donated cash for operation

A crowdfunding page set up to raise money for a life-saving operation for a cat that had been shot and run over in Morecambe raised £1,000 in just a few days.

Generous members of the public were touched by Diesel’s plight after his owner Amy Owens’ sister appealed for help to pay for an operation to save his life.

Diesel the cat from Morecambe who had life-saving surgery after being shot and run over.

Diesel the cat from Morecambe who had life-saving surgery after being shot and run over.

Amy, of Globe Drive, Morecambe, said: “Diesel who is seven is my little daughter Sofia’s first pet. I found him curled up on the back doorstep soaking wet as it had been raining.

“He hobbled in and collapsed to the floor.He just had his little head down in his front paws.

“Instantly knew something was wrong so I put him in a box and took him to Bay Vets.

“They checked his little claws and confirmed he had been in a road traffic accident. They then x-rayed him and found a pellet near his heart and that his stomach had been torn away from his abdomen. The vets rang me and delivered the awful news that he had been shot and had massive adominal injuries.I couldn’t afford the massive bill so I decided to have him put to sleep later on that day. I was devastated.”

Unbeknownst to Amy, her sister Leanne and best friend had set up a gofund me page to raise funds for Diesel’s treatment. Within afew hours the page had raised £740.

An anonymous donor gave £320.20 which covered the final vets bill.Their cat had been run over a few weeks ago and they wanted to help.

Amy said: “Diesel was operated on but they left the pellet in his body because it was just millimetres away from his heart.They were unsure whether the pellet was a new or old injury, but he had been shot.

“They also found he had a punctured lung which needed draining.

“He’s recovering really well at home and has been for his vet check up and they are happy with his progress.

“I am so grateful for everyone that has donated to help save Diesel’s life. He’s part of the family and it wouldn’t of been the same without him, he’s irreplaceable.

“I know cats can be a nuisance in people’s gardens but shooting them isn’t the option.

“The vets said he is so lucky to be alive.

“I just want to say a massive thank you to everyone that helped with Diesel’s surgery. “