VIDEO: Is this cat the cleverest in Lancaster?

Gizmo could be the smartest cat in the city because she can open doors all by herself.

Thursday, 30th March 2017, 8:21 am
Updated Saturday, 8th April 2017, 10:29 pm
Karen Buczynski with her cat Gizmo.

The black and white cat owned by Karen Buczynski of York Road, Lancaster, jumps up to the handle and danglesabove the floor, pulling on the handle until the door opens.

Karen discovered Gizmo’s hidden talent when she made a cake for her son’s 16th birthday,

She said: “I spent hours making this cake and left it in the kitchen. Gizmo loves her food so you can’t leave anything lying around.

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Karen Buczynski with her cat Gizmo.

“I made sure she was in the hallway and shut the two doors to the kitchen and living room.

“When I came down the doors were open and I saw Gizmo with her face in the cake! I could hear the handles going on the doors and wondered what it was. A couple of days later, I saw her leaping up at the handle on the living room door and realised exactly what had happened.

“She jumps up and grabs the handle with her paws, pulling it down and hanging on to it until the door has opened a fraction. Then she jumps down and puts her paw under the door, gently prising it open.”

Karen, who works in retail and lives in Lancaster with her two sons Kyle 18, Liam, 16, and daughter Yasmin, 12, said: “We got Gizmo for my daughter originally because she adores my mum’s cat.

Karen Buczynski with her cat Gizmo.

“We got her from my friend’s litter of cats at the age of three months.

“She is very mischievous but soft and adorable. She is always coming to sit next to me. She scratches the wallpaper and plays football with anything.

“She follows me in the bathroom and can pull the light switch on too.”

Gizmo also lets herself in Karen’s bedroom at night and loves attacking her feet under the covers.

Karen said: “She seems really, really clever. She tries new things all the time, new stuff. She can now open the bin lid and take her food packet out. She also pulls meat packets out of the bin.

“It’s like we’ve had her forever, we could not imagine life without her.

“She makes us laugh and is really lovable.”

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