VIDEO: Aftermath of violent storm in Morecambe

This is the scene of devastation after raging seas tore apart a car park and flooded a leisure club in Morecambe.

Tarmac was ripped to pieces, boulders were washed ashore, cars floated on the violent seas, the gym’s swimming pool was flooded with seawater and people were trapped inside the building.

The destruction at VVV after Thursdays's storm.

The destruction at VVV after Thursdays's storm.

Visitor photographer Nigel Slater captured this image of the devastation on Thursday, December 5.

Sally Norman, one of the managers at VVV Health and Leisure Club on Marine Road East, said: “It was up to the windows - the sea was literally bashing on the windows.

“It has obliterated a lot of the car park, about a third of it has gone.

“It’s got in the pool, the spin room. I’ve never seen anything like it.”