VIDEO: A winning time at 142nd show

Results and trophy winners of the 142nd annual Bentham Agricultural Society Show held on Saturday, September 6.

Trophy winners

Bentham Agricultural Show Caitlin Townley with Shottle Rinze.

Bentham Agricultural Show Caitlin Townley with Shottle Rinze.

Frank Brennand shield: Emily Warin; Joanne Ervine memorial trophy: F Brennand; Agri-Lloyd shield: A Harker; Nelson Fawcett trophy: M Fawcett; Paul’s Agricultural Limited perpetual challenge trophy: S Mason; R Loxham and Son silver cup: R and E Butterfield; John Pattinson and Sons silver cup: R and E Butterfield; Preston Farmers silver challenge cup: R and E Butterfield; Harrison Brothers rose bowl: T E M Priestley; Natwest Bank trophy: T E M Priestley; James Procter silver challenge cup: W and S Airey; T S Jackson memorial shield: I Sedgwick; Jeremiah Hartley cup: R and E Butterfield; Vale of Lune Harriers: R and E Butterfield; Simon Swinn cup: R and E Butterfield; YFC challenge cup: W and S Airey and Family.

Richard Taylor and Son cup: I Sedgwick; Society tankard: M and C Huddleston; Society tankard: J D and V Towers and Son; Shrigley-Fiegel silver cup: F Brennand and J and M Whitfield and Sons; Major Cowan trophy: M Ward; Coultherd perpetual challenge trophy: J M Wilson and Sons; Dalgety Agricultural Limited: J D and V Towers and Son; Barclays Bank cup: S Atkinson; Midland Bank, Bentham cup: Stanley, Broyden and Sowerby; Pye Farm Feeds shield: J M Wilson and Sons; Brian’s Barbecues shield: J D and V Towers and Son; Dalesbred Sheep challenge cup: J M Wilson and Sons; Brian’s Barbecue shield: M and C Huddleston; Nemsa Hawes branch shield: W and D Lawson and Son; Eden Farm Supplies cup: A and L Huddleston; Rennie trophy: R W Cannan.

North Ribblesdale Agricultural Society cup: D Faraday; Society cup: M E Brown; Society cup: H Lawson; Mr and Mrs W Park silver rose bowl: M E Brown; The Jackson trophy: Z Morphet; The Angela’s Barbecue shield: E Lawson; Dr Elizabeth Dowell silver tray: Low Bentham WI; North Ribblesdale cup: S Brennand; Mrs Angus silver cup: S Brennand; Low Bentham WI rose bowl: D Huntington; WI roses cup: Low Bentham WI; Mr and Mrs David Johnson tankard: H Hill; Bentham Traders’ cup: M Hodgson; Brian’s Barbecues shield: B Taylor; High Bentham WI plaque: R Sharman; Society cup: C Macdonald; Cup: C Macdonald; Shield: J Butterworth; C P Newhouse shield: O Robinson; North Ribblesdale Agricultural Society cup: A Martin.


Eddie Metcalfe, six.

Eddie Metcalfe, six.

Cattle section

Holstein Friesian, Heifer: R and E Butterfield; Cow: R and E Butterfield. Any other dairy breed, Heifer: R and E Butterfield; Cow: S Mason; Group: T, E and M Priestley; Pair of cows or heifers: T, E and M Priestley. Dairy calf classes, Heifer calf: W and S Airey and family. Young handler classes, Best young handler: G Mason-Thornton. Commercial beef, Heifer, born after Sept 1, 2013: S Mason; Heifer, born before Sept 1, 2013: S Mason; Bull: I Sedgwick. Herd competition: I Sedgwick. Silage competition: J P Mason. Big bales: J W Dawson and Son; Hay: T and E Carr.

Sheep section

Teeswater, Ram lamb: R Dawson; Ram shearling or over: J and M Whitfield and Sons; Gimmer lamb: R Dawson; Shearling gimmer: J and M Whitfield and Sons; Ewe: J and M Whitfield and Sons; Group: J and M Whitfield and Sons. Masham, Gimmer lamb: M Fawcett; Gimmer lambs: M Fawcett; Shearling gimmer: M Fawcett; Ewe: M Fawcett; Five gimmer lambs: M Fawcett. Black-faced, Ram lamb: M Ward; Shearling ram: Hey and Sons; Aged ram: M Ward; Gimmer lamb: M Ward; Shearling gimmer: M and C Huddleston; Ewe: M Ward; Group: M and C Huddleston. Dalesbred, Ram lamb: S Wright; Shearling ram: F Brennand; Aged ram: F Brennand; Gimmer lamb: J M Wilson and Sons; Shearling gimmer: J M Wilson and Sons; Ewe: J M Wilson and Sons; Group: J M Wilson and Sons.

Rhiannon Brayshaw with Otis, a white faced scops owl.

Rhiannon Brayshaw with Otis, a white faced scops owl.

Mule, Gimmer lamb: W and D Lawson and Son; Gimmer lambs: W and D Lawson and Son; Five gimmer lambs: H Huddleston and Son. Blue-faced Leicester, Ram lamb: W and D Lawson and Son; Ram shearling: R Raw; Gimmer lamb: W and D Lawson and Son; Shearling gimmer: W and D Lawson and Son; Ewe: H Huddleston and Son; Group: H Huddleston and Son. Swaledale, Ram lamb: C B Alderson; Shearling ram: C B Alderson; Aged ram: Staley, Broyden and Sowerby; Gimmer lamb: R and P E Hargreaves and Sons; Shearling gimmer: M C Staley; Ewe: G J and L Taylor; Group: A and L Huddleston. Charollais, Ram lamb: J Stott; Shearling ram: J D and V Towers and Son; Gimmer lamb: J Stott; Shearling gimmer: J Stott; Ewe: J Stott; Group: J D and V Towers and Son. Texel, Ram lamb: A Harker; Shearling ram: H Huddleston and Son; Gimmer lamb: J S Robinson; Shearling gimmer: A Harker; Ewe: J S Robinson; Group: H Huddleston and Son. Beltex, Ram lamb: W Ellison; Shearling ram: B Thompson; Gimmer lamb: W Ellison; Shearling gimmer: B Thompson; Ewe: W Ellison; Group: W Ellison. Zwartbles, Shearling ram: S Purcell; Gimmer lamb: R J Heigh; Shearling gimmer: R J Heigh; Ewe: R J Heigh. Herdwick, Ram lamb: H Fawcett; Shearling ram: F Brennand; Gimmer lamb: K Grieve; Shearling gimmer: K Grieve; Ewe: H Fawcett; Group: K Grieve.

Young Farmers’ Club classes, Gimmer lamb: B Hargreaves; Breeding ewe: B Hargreaves; Ram: S Atkinson; Butchers’ lamb: S Atkinson. Open classes, Upland sheep, male: H Fawcett; Upland sheep, female: K Hargreaves; Lowland sheep, male: S Atkinson; Lowland sheep, female: B Lawson. Butchers’ lambs, Pair of down cross: C Slee; Pair of Butchers’ lambs: C Slee.

Poultry and fresh eggs section

Large fowl, Heavy breed soft feather: J Butterworth; Any variety light breed: J Butterworth; Silkie: S Hill; Variety rare breed: E L Bailey. Waterfowl, Runner: C Eastwood and J A Wills; Light breed (M): R Monk; Light breed (F): R Monk; Heavy breed (M): C Eastwood and J A Wills; Heavy breed (F): C Eastwood and J A Wills.

Bantams, Old English Game, Spangle: R Bury; Black red or wheaten: R J Brown; Any other colour (M): A Carr; Any other colour (F): C Macdonald; Modern game (M): K Hebblethwaite; Hard feather (M): P Burns; Hard feather (F): J Bellard; Barred rock (F): C Ward; Rhode Island Red (M): J Butterworth; Rhode Island Red (F): K Hebblethwaite; Ancona: K Hebblethwaite; Wyandotte other colour (M): K Hebblethwaite; Wyandotte other colour (F): W Bellard; Sebright: K Hebblethwaite; Rosecomb: K Hebblethwaite; True bantam: P Burns; Serama: K Hebblethwaite; Belgium D’Anvers (M): K Hebblethwaite; Belgium D’Anvers (F): K Hebblethwaite; Dutch (M): K Hebblethwaite; Dutch (F): K Hebblethwaite; Rare breed: E L Bailey; Light Sussex: K Hebblethwaite; Other variety (M): C Cornish; Other variety (F): K Hebblethwaite; Soft feather (M): K Hebblethwaite; Soft feather (F): K Hebblethwaite; True bantam (M): K Hebblethwaite; True bantam (F): K Hebblethwaite. Children’s classes – Soft feather (M): A Williams; Soft feather (F): W Bellard; Hard feather (F): O Robinson.

Egg classes

Hen eggs white: G C Taylor; Hen eggs brown: A Martin; Hen eggs tinted: A Martin; Hen eggs different colours: G C Taylor; Bantam eggs white: K Hebblethwaite; Bantam eggs brown: K Hebblethwaite; Bantam eggs tinted: A Martin; Bantam eggs different colours: A Martin; Fowl egg broken: K Hebblethwaite; Bantam egg broken: A Martin; Fowl egg supreme: G C Taylor; Bantam egg supreme: A Martin; Waterfowl eggs: G C Taylor; Large fowl eggs: A Martin; Bantam eggs one colour: A Martin.

Horticultural section

Tomatoes: M Baker; Truss of tomatoes: M Baker; Cherry tomatoes: P Ellwood; Truss of cherry tomatoes: C Woof; Potatoes white: S Gardner; Potatoes coloured: A Carrington; Freak potato: W Dawson; Largest potato: W Dawson; Cabbage: M Morphet; Four onions: S Gardner; Two large onions: D Faraday; Carrots: A Carr; Broad beans: D Faraday; Swedes: A Carrington; Marrow under 5lbs: W Dawson; Marrow over 5lbs: S Arnott; Cooking apples: S Gardner; Dessert apples: D Faraday; Plums: D Faraday; Cucumber: T Carr; Lettuce: S Brass; Globe beetroot: T Carr; Runner beans: D Faraday; Longest runner bean: D Faraday; Rhubarb: S Gardner; Heaviest rhubarb: J Metcalfe; Shallots: D Faraday; Any other vegetable: S Gardner; Giant vegetable: M Baker; Freak vegetable: S Gardner; Any other fruit: W Dawson; Collection: M Baker.

Flowers – Antirrhinums: M E Brown; Asters: M E Brown; Pansies or violas: M E Brown; Three gladioli: J Jackson; Spike gladiolus: J Jackson; Roses: M Baker; Pom-pom dahlias: L Warin; Decorative dahlias: D Woodhouse; Bowl of dahlias: D Woodhouse; Cactus dahlias: D Woodhouse; Dwarf bedding dahlias: M E Brown; Ball dahlias: D Woodhouse; Stems of sweet peas: M E Brown; Bowl of sweet peas: J Jackson; Garden flowers: L Warin; Annuals: L Warin; Perennial phlox: M E Brown. Pot plants – Flowering: E Carr; Foliage: E Butterfield.

Children’s classes – Animal from vegetables and fruit – Aged six and under: C Ellwood; Seven to 10: L Heron; 11 to 16: O Robinson. Miniature garden: C-E Garnett; Flowers and berries: C-E Garnett; Countryside collage: L Taylor.

Floral art

Tour de France: V Lawson; Take three: E Butterfield; Where have all the flowers gone: L Warin; Arrangement using cup and saucer: C Woof; Using a candle: C Woof.

Handicraft section

Children’s classes – Bookmark, five-six: R Reid; Poster, seven-eight: I Taylor; Poster, nine-10: D Kitchen; Poster, 11-16: T Corlett; Decorated letter, four and under: H Ellwood; Decorated letter, five-six: R Jenkins; Clay work, seven-eight: L Lawson; Clay work, 11-16: T Corlett; Poem, seven-eight: L Taylor; Poem, nine-10: T Taylor; Poem, 11-16: H Hill; Painting, four and under: A Lawson; Handwriting, aged five: A Kandler; Handwriting, aged six: A Taylor; Handwriting, aged seven: T Mouncey; Handwriting, aged eight: H Armstrong; Handwriting, aged nine: M Hill; Handwriting, aged 10: I Woodhouse; Handwriting, 11-16: H Hill; Drawing, five-six: H Huddleston; Drawing, seven-eight: S Jackson; Drawing, nine-10: D Kitchen; Drawing, 11-16: J Edwards; Decorated paper plate, five-six: E Lawson; Portrait, seven-eight: L Lawson; Portrait, 11-16: C-E Garnett; Painting, five-six: E Lawson; Painting, seven-eight: L Taylor; Painting, nine-10: T Taylor; Painting, 11-16: C-E Garnett; Doily, five-six: E Leak; Doily, seven-eight: J Spencer; Card, nine-10: L Hill; Card, 11-16: C-E Garnett; Handicraft, five-six: E Lawson; Handicraft, seven-eight: H Huntington; Handicraft, nine-10: L Butler; Handicraft, 11-16: W Walker; Farm animal, five-six: E Lawson; Farm animal, seven-eight: H Huntington; Farm animal, 11-16: C-E Garnett; Collage, five-six: C Ellwood; Collage, seven-eight: L Lawson; Collage, nine-10: L Hill; Collage, 11-16: A Corlett; Cup cakes: O Robinson; Uncooked tray bake: Z Morphet; Starter: Z Morphet; Gingerbread people: Z Morphet; Smoothie: C-E Garnett; Favourite cake: C-E Garnett; Jelly: L Heron; Pizza face: L Heron.

Domestic section

Vegetable flan: S Brennand; Chutney: P Woolerton; Marmalade: M Airey; Blackcurrant jam: V Lawson; Raspberry jam: E Warin; Jelly: R Parker; Lemon cheese: V Lawson; Strawberry jam: Mary Taylor; Other jam: B Jackson; Ginger biscuits: E Morphet; Cheese and herb scones: M Kidd; White loaf: M Baker; Brown cottage loaf: S Brennand; Uncooked tray bake: Victoria Lawson; Cooked tray bake: W Dawson; Tea for two: D Huntington; Chocolate cake: H Lawson; Gingerbread: D Huntington; Shortbread: A Clarke; Fruit cake: D Huntington; Chocolate chip cookies: S Brennand; Cold sweet: C Woof; Swiss roll: M Airey; Victoria sandwich: V Lawson; Decorated cake of choice: S Brennand; Home-made cup cakes: Z Dennis; Apple pie: S Brennand; Male only class, favourite cake: W Dawson.

Wine classes

Red sweet: B Taylor; White sweet: B Taylor; Red dry: B Taylor; White dry: B Taylor; Rose: B Taylor; Fortified wine: M J Hudson.

Handicraft section

Five articles, Seaside: Low Bentham WI; Hand knitted child’s garment: S Brennand; Aran or chunky: M Lawson; Double knitting or less: J Sharman; Other knitted item: J Sharman; Tea cosy: S Brennand; Hat: A Smith; Bag: M Airey; Bunting: J Dawson; Apron: J Dawson; Cushion cover: M Airey; Greeting card, needlework: M Airey; Greeting card: S Park; New from old S Brennand; Soft toy: R Sharman; Cross stitch: M Airey; Embroidered article: M Lawson; Crochet: R Sharman; Pin cushion: A Smith; Patchwork: S Brennand; Beadwork: L Atkinson; Christmas decoration: S Camacho; Woodwork or metal work: J Noble; Handicraft, soft article: M Sloane; Handicraft, hard article: K Hill.

Art classes

In acrylic: K Hill; Pastels: C Jennings; Drawing: E Reid; Watercolour: C Jennings; Oil painting: M Hodgson.

Photography section

Juniors – Black and white: H Ibbetson; My House: H Ibbetson; Animal: H Ibbetson; Countryside: H Ibbetson; Fun: H Ibbetson; Beginning with letter C: H Ibbetson. Seniors – Black and white: W Smith; Spring: G Ibbetson; Local view: S Ward; Portrait: R Parker; Country life: R Parker; Beginning with letter D: N Eliffe.

Stick dressing

Shepherd’s crook, horn handled: D M Earl; Shepherd’s crook, wooden handled: B Lucas; With ornamental head, horn handled: R W Cannan; Ornamental head, wooden handled: R W Cannan; Walking stick, horn handled: D M Earl; Walking stick, wooden handled: D M Earl; Lady’s stick, horn handled: R W Cannan; Walking stick, two piece: D M Earl; Thumb stick, horn handled: G Rennie; Thumb stick, wooden handled: R W Cannan; Novice: N Nelson.

Best classes – Three different vegetables: J Knapp; Article made from reused or recycled materials: A Neligan.

Vintage entries

Vintage tractor: A Kellet, 1965 David Brown; Agricultural machinery: T Woodhouse (1952 Welger Baler); Stationary engines: R Morphet, 1953 Listed D Stationary Engine; Classic car/motorcycle: B Heywood, 1923 Rover Clegg 12HP Tourer.