University Students’ Union denies nightclub closure

The Sugarhouse.
The Sugarhouse.

Lancaster University Students’ Union has denied rumours its city centre nightclub The Sugarhouse is to close.

Rumours had been circulating in Lancaster and on social media that the club, in Sugarhouse Alley off North Road, was to close.

But a statement by the Students’ Union full-time officer teamrefuted the claims.

It said: “We understand that rumours have been circulating which suggest that The Sugarhouse is undergoing financial difficulty and facing potential closure.

“As a union, we endeavour to engage with our members openly and honestly, and as such we offer the following update on The Sugarhouse’s operations.

“The Sugarhouse has turned a smaller profit than in previous years, due in large part to an economic climate and culture change that has placed all of Lancaster’s pubs and clubs in a similar situation; however, we can assure all LUSU members that there are absolutely no plans to close The Sugarhouse, and that no discussions to do so have taken place within the union.”

The team added that it is “continuing to constantly develop” The Sugarhouse, and staff and officers are currently consulting with customers, listening to feedback and striving to improve and build upon the venue’s current offering to ensure that it remains an integral part of the Lancaster student experience.

This includes the possibility of new staffing structures.

The team added: “Financially, The Sugarhouse is still entirely sustainable and will continue to hold its regular nights come Michaelmas term, as well as a series of graduation events on the 15th, 16th, 17th and 18th of July.”