Union boycotts Sun over Page 3

Lancaster University.
Lancaster University.

Lancaster University’s Students’ Union has joined numerous other universities in boycotting The Sun newspaper over its continued publishing of topless Page 3 models.

The tabloid will now not be sold in any of the union shops on campus, and the Students’ Union body plans to write to the newspaper’s editor about the issue.

They also hope other outlets on campus will stop selling the paper.

This follows a vote by the Students’ Union Council at a recent meeting to support the national No More Page 3 campaign.

The Students’ Union’s vice president of welfare and community, Tom Fox, who proposed the motion, said: “This academic year, the Students’ Union has been campaigning against the everyday sexism on and off campus, with previous actions like the White Ribbon campaign and ongoing projects such as Women in Leadership. The No More Page 3 campaign has an increasing body of support, including that of more than 100 and a growing number of Students’ Unions across the country.

“We believe that a woman’s worth is about her achievements, aspirations and values, rather than the way she looks, and with The Sun being one of the most popular newspapers sold across the UK, we believe that boycotting it is an effective way to show that we as a union do not condone Page 3 being the primary representation of women in The Sun.

“As a result of passing this motion, The Sun will not be sold in our union shops and we will campaign for other campus retailers to also boycott the publication, as well as writing a letter to the editor asking him to remove the page.”