Uni sets fees near the max

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THE University of Cumbria plans to charge tuition fees of £8,400, despite a report which says students in Lancaster are among the most likely to be put off by the soaring cost of higher education.

The rise is due to come in from September 2012, and is lower than the maximum amount of £9,000, which will be charged by Lancaster University.

University of Cumbria vice-chancellor Graham Upton said: “The drive to offer high quality resources to match the already high level of teaching is fundamental to the decision that has been taken.

“Setting our tuition fee at £8,400 is necessary if we are to offset the Government’s decision to cut our teaching grant and are to be able to invest in facilities and accommodation, as well as learning and teaching resources, to enhance and support the overall quality of the student experience.”

The students’ union (UCSU) at the university has been involved in discussions about setting the level of fees.

See the Lancaster Guardian (05-05-11) for full story.