Underwater dive inspection video goes viral

The video has gone viral
The video has gone viral

This video shows how flood water completely removed the foundation of one of the main supporting pillars of a major bridge and forced its closure.

Repair of Victoria Bridge in Kendal involved using temporary props - which included bricks and a bit of gaffer tape - to make the foundation safe before divers could start the main temporary repair work of placing concrete 'grout bags' to fill the void created by flood waters.

A spokesman for Cumbria County Council said: "This video shows the damage that normally none of us would see.

"The divers we're working with have been in and out of most rivers in Cumbria over the past six weeks and they are doing a great job in often difficult conditions."

The bridge is set to reopen to traffic by the middle of next week.

The video has proved a hit with the public with 30,000 people watching it in the last 48 hours.