Where's Merv? Covid safe Morecambe councillor turns van into mobile campaign leaflet

Coun Merv Evans - who represents Westgate on Lancaster City and Morecambe Town Council - got creative when traditional leaflet dropping and door to door canvassing was banned due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Monday, 8th March 2021, 3:44 pm

Coun Evans, who is the Independent Group Leader on Morecambe Town Council and cabinet member responsible for Economic Recovery & Resilience on Lancaster City Council, is now standing for election to Lancashire County Council on May 6.

Coun Evans has been parking up his sign written van in well known spots around the Morecambe area.

In a fundraising effort for Morecambe Bay Foodbank, he is also encouraging residents to take a picture of the van and post it on his Facebook page.

Coun Merv Evans with his 'Love Morecambe? Vote Merv' van.

When he reaches 100 posts he will donate £100 to the foodbank.

He said: "My idea was to bring something different to my campaign.

"I thought maybe we are all used to the traditional ways of campaigning - lots of paper through the post, lots of promises made and oneupmanship about what makes someone better than other candidates, lots of photos of candidates doing good deeds published on social media and in the papers and unfortunately the politicizing of things that shouldn't be used for gaining personal publicity.

"I thought maybe a lot of us are tired of that, I know I am.

The van parked up on Morecambe Prom.

"I genuinely want to cut through all the political shenanigans and make a difference for our Morecambe community, it's not all about getting your face in the papers or being popular with the right people, it's about working hard with others to get things done in a fair way."

He added: "I have learnt in my time as a councillor that collaboration and honesty are the foundations that are needed to build a better Morecambe.

"It’s a battle to do that but we can get there if we work without political agendas, which I can do as an independent."

The van at Morecambe Town Hall.