Plans submitted for new roof at fire ravaged pub and restaurant near Lancaster

A planning application has been submitted for a new roof at The Stork Inn at Conder Green after it was destroyed by a major fire earlier this year.

By Nick Lakin
Monday, 16th November 2020, 3:53 pm
Updated Monday, 16th November 2020, 3:56 pm

Fire ripped through the Grade II Listed, 17th Century pub in Corricks Lane on January 28, resulting in significant structural damage to its historic core.

Nearby properties were evacuated and ten fire crews tackled the blaze following a call at 5.21am.

No-one was injured as a result, but most of the roof was affected and a considerable amount of the structure collapsed internally.

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An inspection of the roof at The Stork Inn in June revealed significant damage.

The pub's owners EI Group PLC has now applied to Lancaster City Council for retrospective planning permission to replace the roof in order to limit further damage and prepare the building for viable future use.

It was agreed by inspectors that in the best interests of the building, work should start in order to make the roof watertight.

The application, which was submitted on November 8, states: "The proposals broadly comprise reinstatement of the roof on as much an informed like-for-like basis as possible acknowledging that there has been significant loss of original, historic and modern material.

"The post-fire building status was particularly bleak.

The Stork Inn following the fire.

"The loss of large portions of roof coverings exposed the building to the elements and whilst much of the interior of the building had been damaged, this still meant that rain could penetrate the tops of the walls, effectively soaking the structure.

"Reinstating the roof was therefore the primary aim.

"The proposals broadly comprise roof reinstatement works as a means to weathertight the building in order for a drying out period to begin before works to bring the building back in to functional use can be implemented.

"The proposals are the minimum required in order to achieve the objective of making the building watertight while retaining as much historic building fabric as possible.

A large section of the 17th Century pub was badly damaged by the fire in January 2020.

"The proposals reinstate the building to how it stood pre-fire i.e. with a slate finish.

"Acknowledging that the building historically had a thatched roof, the proposals do not prejudice this as a future solution.

"The proposals also reveal this stage of the building’s life as being a significant part of its history in the future.

"Notwithstanding the overall necessity for the works, the proposals still have the potential to significantly impact on the historic significance of the building and its setting.

The Stork Inn, Conder Green, before the fire.

"This document contends that no harm has been caused as a result of the proposals, although it is acknowledged that some historic fabric was removed post-fire.

"It is considered that this loss was justifiable and is decisively outweighed by the overall benefits when considering the building’s comparative significance, the impact on that significance, and the benefits to the place itself and/or the wider community or society as a whole."