Parents urged to address kids’ behaviour after police tackle large group of youths in Lancaster

Lancaster Police are urging parents in Lancaster to speak to their children about their behaviour after issuing a Disperal Order to a large group of youths in the city centre at the weekend.

Tuesday, 14th January 2020, 12:00 pm

Police issued dispersal orders between January 10 and 12 under s34 of the Anti-Social Behaviour, Crime and Police Act 2014.

The order enabled police to move a large number of youths from a designated area in the city centre.

However one continued to cause issues and was issued a notice to leave.

Police have the power to extend the order if necessary.

Insp Mark Douglas, from Lancaster Police said: “We want to make sure that Lancaster is a safe welcoming place for people to visit, in order to make this happen we will not tolerate crime and anti social behaviour and we will use all options at our disposal to make sure that happens.

“Parents - please speak to your children about their behaviour, breaching a notice given by police can result in a criminal conviction and a criminal record. “A criminal record can have long lasting implications for future craeer prospects, university admissions and international travel.”

Insp Douglas said that follow up work would involve visiting parents and the schools of those involved.

He added: “If the behaviour persists it will only end up going one way, that’s arrest and court, because we will not stand back whilst innocent people suffer from anti social behaviour.”