Morecambe woman in coronavirus self-isolation has catalytic converter stolen from her Honda Jazz

Neighbour chases two men away from scene in Bare, as victim - who has asthma - is left stranded.

Tuesday, 24th March 2020, 9:59 am
Updated Tuesday, 24th March 2020, 10:22 am
Catalytic converter thefts have been on the rise in Lancaster and Morecambe

Mary Wilson, who lives in Monkswood Avenue, said the thieves should be ashamed as they had taken away her only available form of transport.

They struck on Saturday morning, March 21, whilst Mary was at home.

She said: "My only way of getting about is by car because of my mobility and bad asthma.

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"We have no shop close by and now I can't visit my grandchildren.

"All this has really upset me and the cost of replacing the exhaust is over £600.

"My neighbour's dog was barking so they went to the door and saw two young males getting away with my exhaust.

"My neighbour chased them but they got away.

"I'm so angry.

"Three cars got the same part stolen the same night in Bare.

"These thieves need catching and putting in jail.

"How can they do this with what's going on I have enough worry and now can't go anywhere.

"It breaks my heart.

"This needs to stop I'm worried when I get it repaired they will come back and do it again.

"It has cost me money that I would be using for food heating etc.

"These thieves have caused me misery and anxiety - they should be ashamed robbing people like this.

"I could say more but you wouldn't be able to publish it."

Thefts of catalytic converters from cars, particularly Hondas, have been increasing in the area due to the increased value in the precious metal they contain.