Lancaster Sea Scouts return to the River Lune with 'plenty of space for social distancing'

Lancaster Sea Scouts hit the water this week when they resumed kayaking on the Lune.

Wednesday, 31st March 2021, 9:32 am

The group, based in Halton Road, were rewarded with a warm and sunny evening which was great to practise the skills which haven't been used for more than six months.

To return to outdoor activities the leaders had to compile special procedures for dealing with any Covid risks.

Steve Landles, a Sea Scout leader said: “We're always having to be concerned about risk anyway.

Lancaster Sea Scouts preparing to return to the water this week.

Water is a hostile environment if we get things wrong so we're used to dealing with and mitigating the risks.

"One advantage of activities on the River Lune is there is plenty of space for social distancing.”

As well as the experienced Sea Scouts returning to kayaking there were half a dozen new starters who had barely been in a boat before.

One new starter managed to capsize.

Several new starters joined Lancaster Sea Scouts when they returned to the water.

Helen Parrington, leader of the Sea Scouts said: “Whilst it's a shock for someone if they capsize, all our leaders are trained to deal with this issue so there is no drama.

"It's the real challenge involved that helps the young people develop their both practical skills and also their personal confidence, sense of responsibility and leadership skills."

The Sea Scout leaders are hoping that not only can they continue their regular kayaking sessions on the Lune every Tuesday but they can reintroduce their sailing and yachting activities too.

Lancaster Sea Scouts return to the water after more than six months.
Lancaster Sea Scouts on the water.