Lancaster company produces 100 per cent recycled 'No Touch Tool' to help people stay safe from Covid-19

Precious Plastic Lancaster (PPL) has designed and produced a 100 per cent recycled plastic ‘No Touch Tool’ to help the community stay safe in a Covid world.

By Nick Lakin
Wednesday, 1st July 2020, 3:45 pm
Precious Plastic Lancaster's No Touch Tool in production.
Precious Plastic Lancaster's No Touch Tool in production.

The No Touch Tools are available for sale on their website and in shops and cafes including Brew, Holm, and Single Step in Lancaster, starting from July 3.

The idea of a No Touch Tool came from one of the directors, Martin Paley, during lockdown.

He was thinking about all the high-contact surfaces we usually interact with day-to-day.

The tool can be used to open and interact with high contact surfaces.

The tool’s primary purpose is to reduce the risk of contamination through door handles, keypads and push buttons; other uses have come about such as turning locks and opening letterboxes.

Mr Paley said: "PPL prototyped the No Touch Tool by working with Lancaster 3D printer, Alex Cartwright, and asked close friends, family and Eggcup staff (a surplus food redistribution hub) to test the first developments.

"Once the design was finalised, PPL worked again with Cartwright to 3D print a mould for use with the machines in their Lancaster workshop.

"The production process involves shredding pre- and post-consumer waste plastic, which is then heated until molten, hand injected into the mould before being cooled, and hand finished.

Precious Plastic Lancaster's No Touch Tool.

"Using waste material as a resource requires more time and energy to clean and process the plastic before it can be used, but is a key mission of PPL’s design process."

PPL collaborates with Checkpoint (, a business located in Carnforth, to reduce their manufacturing waste by taking and recycling pre-consumer plastic such as unsalable products and offcuts. At the end of use, you can return your No Touch Tool to PPL and it will be recycled into a future product.

Mr Paley added: "There are other similar Covid-19 related tools available on the market but usually in a keyring style which PPL thinks defeats the purpose of staying safe - why contaminate your pocket or hand when you reach for your keys?"

The recycled tool comes with a lanyard to keep it external but convenient to use and an ergonomic handle that provides more control when opening doors.

Remember to wash your No Touch Tool with hot, soapy water every time you wash your hands.

The small team produces injection moulded products and recycled plastic sheets, as well as providing engagement workshops within the local community to teach about waste and the circular economy. They’ve already sold over 100 tools, and have interest across the water in Canada for an order of 1000 pieces! Find out more on their website about how to buy.