UFO in Morecambe Bay prompts lifeboat callout

Morecambe lifeboat were called out to a mysterious object floating in the water off the fisherman’s jetty at Sandylands promenade.

On Saturday July 23 deputy launch authority Martyn Browitt authorised the launch of Morecambe’s Inshore Lifeboat which made speedily to the area of the UFO…..unidentified floating object.Coastguard guided the crew to the last sighting point and the object was then revealed to be in all its glory the front of a waste bin from the promenade.

This was recovered to prevent further calls and brought to shore.Morecambe lifeboat spokesman said: “This was clearly a call with good intent from the member of public calling it in. We couldn’t make out what it was until we were out on the bay at its location. Remember if in doubt call the Coastguard on 999.”

Morecambe lifeboat went to at least two or three rescues last week after reports of people cut off by the tide and or trapped in a bridge they were jumping off.

Morecambe Lifeboat were called out to a UFO in Morecambe Bay - an unidentified floating object.