Two-year-old hit by car on road to recovery

Lilly-Rose Fielding, two, who is on the mend after she was knocked down by a car.
Lilly-Rose Fielding, two, who is on the mend after she was knocked down by a car.

A toddler is on the mend after being knocked down by a car.

Two-year-old Lilly-Rose Fielding was injured when she was knocked over near the Grand Theatre in Lancaster.

But her grandad Paul said she was recovering well after a traumatic 24 hours for the family.

Lilly-Rose and her mum Danielle were on St Leonardgate on Sunday at around 2pm when the toddler ran into the road and collided with a passing vehicle.

Paul, a boxing trainer from Lancaster, said: “She hit her head and her shoulder, that’s where the damage has been done. The driver was not to blame, he was a lovely fella, he took Lilly-Rose to hospital. When I got the phone call it was like the bottom had fallen out of my world.”

The little girl was placed in intensive care at Alder Hey Children’s Hospital in Liverpool, where she was given a CT scan. She suffered a broken collar bone, cuts and bruises, and a gash in her forehead. Paul said on Monday that Lilly-Rose was sitting up in bed and chatting.

He said: “She’s still groggy but she’s becoming her old self again. Thankfully she didn’t have any further head trauma.”

Paul received a phone call from his friend Phill Fury, cousin of Morecambe’s world-ranked heavyweight contender Tyson Fury.

Phill’s father Hughie was fighting for his life in the Royal Lancaster Infirmary after a routine knee operation led to blood clot. Tyson cancelled his fight with Alexander Ustinov on Saturday due to concerns for his uncle.

Paul said: “Phill called me as soon as he found out about Lilly-Rose to ask if everything was all right, even with what he’s going through with his dad.”