TV star Charity backs plans to save her village green

Emma Atkins.
Emma Atkins.

A TV soap star has backed a fight to save a field in the village where she grew up.

Emma Atkins, who plays Charity Macey (nee Dingle) in Emmerdale, is supporting a campaign to stop a skate park and games pitch being built on Silverdale village green.

Emma takes her six-month-old son to the field in Silverdale, where many of her friends and family live.

The campaign was started by the Friends of Silverdale Group.

“I know this field very well because I played there growing up,” said Emma.

“I was surprised to hear that the new committee want to change it to a sports and recreational centre. The Institute and its field was bequeathed for all of the Silverdale parish to enjoy. If this planning application is passed it will preclude many village residents from using and enjoying the field, contrary to the donor’s wishes.

“Whilst I have no objection to any sport, the field is just not suitable for a skate park. Even the local cricket team, who once used the field, sought a bigger venue for their matches and moved to the edge of the village, to a larger space providing so much more room for the sport.

“If Silverdale really wants a skate park then I urge the council and those pushing for it to find an appropriate location well away from people’s homes.

“Silverdale is an area of outstanding natural beauty, therefore the village green should continue to be enjoyed as a natural green open space, as it has for the last century.”

A planning application for a skate park, multi-use games area and running track on the field will be looked at by Lancaster City Council soon.

Proponents of the plans say there is a “big call for youth activities” in the village.

Silverdale Parish Council opposes the scheme because of the potential for “noise, visual impact and intrusion” on nearby homes.

Emma is currently on a break from the ITV soap due to maternity leave. Her character is setto return later in the year.