Trouble and Squeak as cat prowls wards

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“Don’t feed him, don’t encourage him, and don’t let him in!”

That’s the message from 10-year-old Squeak’s owner, who is at her wits end due to her plucky cat’s exploits over the last six months.

Lucy Housden, from Portland Street, said Squeak has been wandering into public buildings in Lancaster and refusing to leave.

Lucy said she has been getting up to five calls a day from concerned staff members at the Royal Lancaster Infirmary and Ripley School, saying they have a lost cat on the premises.

She said: “He’s not lost, he’s a pain in the backside.

“He’s wondering around Lancaster making a nuisance of himself.

“He’s trying to get onto the wards at the Royal Lancaster Infirmary, and he’s been in the school kitchen at Ripley. He’s getting a bit of a reputation.”

Lucy, a support worker at Lancaster Girls Grammar School, said Squeak first started going into the student flats on the canalside opposite the Waterwitch pub and had made friends with the warden.

She said: “The students fed him, and I’d walk past the building and see him sitting in someone’s window.

“I put notices up to say not to feed him, and then over the summer I got a call from the RSPCA saying they’d picked him up from the physio unit at the RLI.

“He’d got through some double doors and was in the building and they obviously can’t have him in there.

“The RSPCA told me to put my phone number on his collar, and since then I’ve been bombarded with calls.”

A few days later, Lucy got a call from Pathology, and then Cardiology, to say that Squeak was sitting in an office there.

“They said he comes in all the time, through the doors, and then along the corridor, they try to get him out and then he comes in through the window. I said throw some water at him or something.

“At one point I was on the phone to someone at the RLI and I could hear someone in the background shout ‘he’s getting in the lift’!

“Last week I had five phone calls from Ripley School to say he’s been spotted in the 6th form building, and in the kitchen. It’s gone beyond a joke.”

Lucy said that the cat had also been sitting on building sites near the RLI, and one night came home smelling of very strong perfume.

“All I can say is don’t encourage him and hopefully he won’t be back.”