Speed scheme comes under budget

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A scheme to roll-out 20mph zones near schools across the county is set to come £3m under budget.

It comes as new figures revealed the number of casualties on some of the county’s most dangerous roads have been slashed since the zones were introduced.

Figures released by Lancashire County Council showed there were 11 people killed or seriously injured in the West End of Morecambe between October 2007 and September 2010. There were 81 people slightly injured.

Between December 2010 and October 2012, there were two people killed or seriously injured, and 22 people slightly injured. The £9.2m scheme is set to come in at just over £6m.

County Coun Janice Hanson, who represents Morecambe West, said: “I would have expected these figures to be zero, zero, zero everywhere.

“The amount of money and hype that has been spent is unbelievable.

“We have got a blanket approach across Lancashire that nobody wants.

“People are still going at 30mph and 40mph. They are still speeding.”

County Coun Tim Ashton, cabinet member for highways and transport, said they had not taken a ‘blanket approach’.

He said: “Twenty two seconds is all it adds to the average journey for a commuter. If we save one life I will have done a good job.”