Speed limit for Lancaster blackspot

A 20mph speed limit looks set to be imposed at a notorious accident blackspot in Lancaster.

Lancashire County Council will start work this autumn on the first phase of a countywide programme to introduce 20mph limits on residential streets.

And the stretch of Ashton Road where a 19-year-old man was left in a coma following a crash in April is expected to have its limit cut from 30mph within the next 12 months.

The teenager suffered serious spinal and facial injuries after his car crashed into several parked cars on the notorious stretch of road on the railway bridge near Ripley St Thomas CE School.

Nearby residents have been calling for measures to slow drivers down for at least ten years.

A residential ‘spur’ running alongside Ashton Road off Princess Avenue is included on the list of roads to have a 20mph limit introduced in the first phase, while the main stretch of road near Ripley could be included within the next 12 months.

See the Lancaster Guardian (18-08-11) for full story.