Severe weather blamed for train delays

Lancaster Railway Station.
Lancaster Railway Station.

Lancaster railway station was the fifth worst station in the country for train delays last week, according to new figures.

IT company RDF Group’s new website analyses train movements and has identified the worst stations in the country for delays.

Figures for last week revealed that Lancaster came in at fifth with an average delay of 24 minutes per train, and 279 late trains per day.

It followed Oxenholme in fourth, with average delays of 26 minutes per train, Lockerbie in third, Penrith in second and Heyford in Oxfordshire in first.

“The current weather of storms, high winds and floods are without doubt having a significant effect,” the company said.

RDF Head of IT James Greenwood said: “We used Big Data technology to help visualise train delay data in an informative way. The results show that train delays are a significant problem.”

A spokesman for Virgin Trains, which manages Lancaster railway station, said high winds and floods had a significant impact on timetables last week.

He added: “Last week was a challenging time. We have to turn a lot of trains at Preston, and it all has a knock on effect.

“Everything was out of position. Wednesday was not a good day all round for the West Coast Main Line. We’re sorry for what happened last week, but generally speaking we’re performing reasonably well.

“Long distance operators like us will never be able to match the performance of the smaller local operators.”