‘Free’ bus pass costs man £10

A SLYNE pensioner has criticised the county council for charging £10 to replace his free bus pass.

Roger Greaves, 66, of Manor Crescent, said his bus pass was made of cheap plastic and when he discovered it had a “fracture” in it, he tried to go and get a replacement from Lancaster Town Hall.

But he was told the bus passes were now dealt with at County Hall in Preston, and when he called the telephone number on the back of his pass, he was informed he would have to pay £10 for a replacement.

“I use the buses a lot”, said the retired fitter, who is currently creating a landscaped area in a public wood in Hest Bank after discovering an old well on the site.

“When I used a bus a few weeks ago, one of the drivers said I had a fracture in my card, so it wouldn’t work on the machine.

“I was informed that I would have to send them a £10 fee by postal order so I could get a new pass.

“The cards are cheap plastic and all they have to do is stamp it and send it back. It’s supposed to be a free bus pass as well.”

See the Lancaster Guardian (01-09-11) for full story.