Drivers in fix up our roads plea

Traffic on Quernmore Road at a corner which has seen several accidents recently.
Traffic on Quernmore Road at a corner which has seen several accidents recently.

Calls have been made to improve the “appalling” state of the district’s roads following three collisions in the same spot over three consecutive days.

Police and ambulance crews were called out to a stretch of rural road between Lancaster and Caton on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday this week at around 8am.

On Monday morning, a car ended up in a field on its roof following a collision in Quernmore Road, leaving the female driver in shock but otherwise unhurt.

The next day, at around 7.50am, another female driver was treated by paramedics at the scene for neck injuries after her vehicle was involved in a collision with a tree.

At the same time on Wednesday morning, a third female driver was involved in a collision, which caused her green Skoda Fabia to overturn into a field. The woman was shocked but otherwise unhurt.

A passing motorist, from Halton, who did not wish to be named said: “I was shocked to see yet another nasty car accident on the very same spot as Monday’s and Tuesday’s accidents.

“Twice the cars have ended up in the boggy field and once the car was smashed up on the road and the weird thing is it’s happened at exactly the same time of day too.

“I have never seen anything like it on the Quernmore Road and I’ve been driving the same way for years.

“You would have thought the police would have put out a warning after the first two incidents.”

Former city council leader Stuart Langhorn, Labour’s candidate for Lancaster Rural East Division, echoed the concern of the driver, saying he had been driving in the Lune Valley for 20 years and had “never seen anything like it.”

He is now calling on Lancashire County Council to improve road safety in the Lune Valley.

He said: “I travel to work on this road every day and there are significant problems with the road surface.

“Part of the road floods every time we have rain.

“The surface itself is full of pot holes and cars are having to swerve to avoid them.

“It is a wonder that there have not been more accidents.”

“The Conservatives promised to improve road maintenance when they won the last County Council elections.

“However, the road between Lancaster and Caton has been allowed to deteriorate into an appalling state.

“They have ignored the rural villages.

“They should be ashamed about what has happened and of the state of the roads.”

Andy Ashcroft, highways manager at Lancashire County Counci said: “We’ve been alerted to these incidents by the police who have established they haven’t been caused by anything which is immediately obvious such as oil or diesel on the road.

“We’ll also be carrying out our own investigations to establish whether there is any common contributory factor between these incidents, and whether we could reasonably do anything to prevent them in future.”