Traffic problems “will get worse”

Bridge across the Lune
Bridge across the Lune

Road closures, diversions and temporary traffic lights will be unavoidable in the Lancaster area over the next few years as work starts on the Heysham M6 link road.

The first major road closure will be Halton Road, scheduled to close completely on January 6 for nine to 12 months.

Work will include the re-allignment of the road and the construction of a bridge across it. Diversions will be in place in Foundry Lane and Bottomdale Road, which will then be closed for a full year from September to allow construction of a new bridge and further extensions to the link road.

There will also be lane closures on Caton Road as access routes are installed to the north side of the road, and south side on land at the Holiday Inn. There will be temporary lane closures overnight, and reduced lane width during the day, from January 6 for the majority of the year.

Green Lane will be closed for a year from July, Lancaster Road will be closed for one month in May for the construction of a new temporary bridge, and there will be temporary measures put in place in Kellet Lane, Torrisholme Road, Folly Lane, Hadrian Road, and High Road in Halton.

M6 link project manager Steve McCreesh said current congestion around Lancaster “would get worse”, but that contractors Costain would be continually monitoring the situation and respond quickly to major issues. A drop in centre in Torrisholme will be open for anyone having problems.

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