Traffic misery in Lancaster as M6 link road work shuts Torrisholme Road

The incorrect sign.
The incorrect sign.

Drivers are facing nightmare journeys due to the ongoing closure of one of Lancaster’s major routes.

It took one motorist an hour to travel from Greyhound Bridge to White Lund.

Queueing traffic caused by the closure of Torrisholme Road has triggered major delays for road users.

Morecambe Road has been gridlocked throughout today.

The area between Russell Drive and the entrance to Lancaster and Morecambe College is shut to traffic until 6am on Thursday, April 10, so water main diversion connections can be tested as part of the M6 link road work.

Andrew Langley, project manager for developers Costain, said: “There was never an intention to fully close Torrisholme Road other than when the beams for the new bridge over Torrisholme Road were due to be installed.

“Engineers discovered the water main that was planned to be diverted to make way for the bridge was actually located in the middle of Torrisholme Road and not nearer the footpath as the plans suggested.

“This meant the water main diversion was unable to be undertaken under a single lane closure as originally planned, which consequently would have kept Torrisholme Road open to traffic and alleviated the need for a full road closure.

“We apologise that the exact location of the water main was not fully known until we dug up the road itself, which meant that we could not share this information at the public exhibitions held in February this year.

“The decision to carry out this work over the college and school holidays was taken after listening to locals who experienced delays during the last full closure.”

Meanwhile, the developer said it had spotted spelling mistakes on its signs and replaced most of them, but that one had been missed.

The sign - spelt ‘Torisholme’ - will now be corrected.