Towns face slating as ‘worst places to live’

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He hails from near Lancaster - but his latest book will label some of the city’s neighbouring towns as ‘the worst places to live’ in the UK.

Author Sam Jordison, originally from Cockerham, has been labelled “spiteful” after singling out double Britain in Bloom winner Garstang in his new top 100 of ‘cr*p towns’.

And Morecambe, which previously came third, will also be up for consideration as he whittles his list down to 50 for ‘Cr*p towns returns’, due for publication in October.

The news has been greeted with horror by new entrants Garstang and sand grown’uns.

Jeweller Damien Carr of Garstang Chamber of Trade said: “Your heart just sinks when you hear something like this. We are really trying our best and then you get someone saying really hateful and spiteful things. They can’t have visited our lovely town.”

Garstang sits alongside such tourism hotspots as Jarrow, Doncaster, Dagenham and Gateshead in the list suggested by the public. Blackburn, Blackpool, Chorley, Bacup, Morecambe and Southport are also up for consideration.

Mr Jordison’s previous two books caused outrage as they poured scorn on villages, towns and cities around Britain.

In the first edition “Cr*p Towns – The 50 Worst Places To Live In The UK,” published in 2003, Morecambe came third.

Now, after a gap of nine years, “C**p Towns Returns” – described as a Doomsday Book of misery – will produce a brand new list of places based on readers’ grim recommendations.

A spokesman for tourism group Visit Garstang said: “We get nothing but compliments from people who come here. “They say it is one of the loveliest places they have been to.”

The author admitted there was more than a little tongue in cheek about the whole enterprise.

He said: “I’ve always quite liked Garstang. But it’s not me that judges the towns. I agree that as a survey it’s pretty unscientific.

“But cr*p doesn’t mean it is necessarily a dump; it’s affluent and quite pretty.”

Debbie Cain, a member of Go Morecambe, defended the resort. She said: “I have lived and worked in Morecambe all my life.

“The local people are friendly and welcoming, and the view across the bay is outstanding, it’s an amazing area for watersports and there is so much potential. There are a lot of initiatives underway to regenerate our lovely town and I consider that I live in a hidden gem.”