Town set to avoid high temperatures

Morecambe Beach. Sun Sand Sea.
Morecambe Beach. Sun Sand Sea.

Morecambe and Lancaster look set to escape the hottest temperatures of the year so far predicted by forecasters.

Most of England and Wales will enjoy sunshine and warm conditions over the next three days as temperatures could reach as high as 24C (75.2F) in London on Wednesday – 10C (50F) above the average for the time of year.

But temperatures in Morecambe and Lancaster will only reach a disappointing maximum of 10C on Wednesday.

The hottest day this week in Morecambe will be 13C on Friday, according to The Met Office.

The country could see warm weather continue over the next few months after the Met Office confirmed that hotter-than-average temperatures are more than twice as likely than below-average conditions until June.

Paul Mott, forecaster at MeteoGroup, said that after snow was recorded on the Pennines on Sunday, the weather will be “quite a bit different over the next few days.”

“It will certainly turn much warmer,” he said.

“Across England and Wales it will be dry, bright and there will be lengthy periods of sunshine.”

The South East is expected to be warmer than southern and central Spain, with Alicante expected to be 22C (71.6F) and Madrid 18C (64.4F) on Wednesday. Temperatures could reach 21C (69.8F) in Wales, 18C (64.4F) across the north of England and 12C (53.6F) in Scotland.

Temperatures soared on Friday, with the mercury hitting 21.9C (71.42F) in St James’s Park in London.