Town Crier: You never know when you’ll need hospice

The Lancaster Firework Spectacular as seen from Giant Axe.
The Lancaster Firework Spectacular as seen from Giant Axe.

It rained and it poured at Saturday night’s firework extravaganza.

But staff from the Visitor and sister paper Lancaster Guardian didn’t let the weather put a dampener on efforts to promote the new Save Our Hospice campaign to fight for the future of St John’s .

As we launch the campaign in The Visitor, we are asking you all to help battle to raise the money needed to ensure the future of this amazing place for future generations.

I know, it’s a bit of a cheek, everybody seems to be asking for money and fundraising these days.

And with the economic climate doing no favour to charities, many are suffering. But St John’s was built for the people, by the people and we must fight to keep a resource that – let’s face it – we may all need for ourselves, for our families and for our friends some day.

We aim through this campaign, as well as fundraising, to cut through the mystique of the hospice, to dispel the incorrect assumptions and to allow people to understand that people with life-limiting conditions go there to live, not to die.

Many visit and go home again. Yes, it’s a difficult subject to think about but St John’s Hospice is genuinely a happy place – and relies on fundraising to keep it open.

We are starting the events with a festive cake bake – please don aprons and get involved!