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James Millman with his Blue-faced Leicester Ram.
James Millman with his Blue-faced Leicester Ram.

This week’s Town and Country news.


Michael Pugh

Trophies awarded 2014 Over Wyresdale Horticultural show

Cup for the most Points in the vegetable classes: Mervyn France; Rose Bowl for the Most Points in the flower classes: Fiona Rhodes; Andrew Pye Memorial Cup for the best exhibit in the flowers: Cath McCallum; Jessie RM Drinkall Memorial Cup for the Most Points in the cookery class: Anne Miles and Kathleen Pye Memorial trophy for most points in handicraft section Anne; A.V &E.T Harvey Memorial Cup for the Most Points in the photography: Emma Dawson; T Walley Challenge Cup for the Most Points in the Show: Anne Thistlethwaite; Children’s Cup for miniature garden: Joshua Thistlethwaite; Sanderson Cup for the Best boys exhibit: Jonathan Ayrton; Sanderson Cup for the Best Girls Exhibit: Taylor Pye; AA Pye Memorial Cup for the Most Points in the children’s classes: Joshua Thistlethwaite; Cup Presented by Mrs A Leigh handwriting infants: Heidi Macauley; Cup Presented by Mrs A Leigh handwiting juniors: Ollie Ip; Cup Presented by Mrs A Leigh handwriting secondary: Laura Simpson; Cup Presented by Mrs A Leigh best exhibit for a Birthday Card: Hannah Longton; Woodside Cup for the best infant exhibit: Joe Entwistle; Lee cup for the best scarecrow: Rachel German; Debbie Gifford creative cookery cup: Olivia Ayrton; Championship Trophy given by Mr. & Mrs. M. B. Flatman: K.M. & K.J. Curwen; The Nancy Dickinson Memorial Cup, awarded to the Exhibitor with the most points in the

Sheep Classes: K.M. & K.J. Curwen; J. Tallentire Memorial Trophy for Champion Swaledale: K.M. & K.J. Curwen; Elizabeth Ayrton Memorial Cup donated by Mr Thomas Ayrton: best horned gimmer: lamb(Class 6).R. & C.H Aryton; Salver presented by Mr. J. Hughes for the best young handler (aged 16 and under) in the Sheep Classes: Adam Ayrton; Special £5 Prizes for the best group of horned sheep (1 male and 2 females): K.M. & K.J. Curwen; Cup presented by Merit Feeds & Storage for the best exhibitor bred sheep: K.M. & K.J. Curwen; The Lenworth Trophy presented by Peter and Tizzie Entwistle will be awarded to the competitor gaining the most points in the cattle and sheep classes: Messrs Drinkall; The Leslie Pedder Shield presented to the Leader of the champion calf: David Thistlethwaite.

Results from Over Wyresdale Horticultural Show:

Four round potatoes 1st Mervyn France; Two table cabbage: 1 Mervyn France;

One cabbage: 2 David Thistlethwaite; Six onions: 1 Mervyn France; Six shallots: 1 Mervyn France; Three carrots (short): 1 David Thistlethwaite; Three beetroot: 1 Charles Lee; Three garden turnips: 2 John Woods; Six pods green peas: 1 Mervyn France; Six pods longpod beans: 1 Mervyn France; Six runner beans: 1 Charles Lee; Six french beans: 1 Mervyn France; One vegetable marrow (Table Quality): 1 Joshua Thistlethwaite; Four tomatoes: 1 Robert Wadsworth; Four cherry tomatoes: 1 Bill Anderton; Six onions (from Sets): 1 Charles Lee; Three leeks: 1 Mervyn France; One cucumber: 1 Jane Pye; One vegetable marrow (Weight); 1 Kirsty Rothwell; Two courgettes: 1 Fiona Rhodes; Four brown eggs: 1 Ann Rossall;

Four tinted or coloured eggs: 1 Ann Rossall; Four duck eggs: 1 Joshua Thistlethwaite; Four bantam eggs (weighing under 1 1⁄2 oz each): 1 Joshua Thistlethwaite.

One pot plant for foliage: 1 Jean Wadsworth; One flowering plant: 1 Cath McCallum; One vase herbaceous flowers: 1 Tizzie Entwistle; One vase annual flowers: 1 Fiona Rhodes; Six pansy blooms: 1 Angie Rothwell; Gladioli, one vase of three spikes: 1 Fiona Rhodes; Gladioli, one spike: 1 Fiona Rhodes; Sweet peas, One Vase for effect: 1 Monica Lee;

Roses, three blooms: 1 Monica Lee; Roses, one bloom: 1 Sally Taite; Dahlias, six blooms, any one variety: 1 Holly McCallum; Dahlias, six blooms, for effect-mixed: 1 Kirsty Rothwell.

Arrangement in unusual container. (Need not be home grown) Not to exceed 2’ x 2. 49

One vase of mixed flowers for effect: 1 Tizzie Entwistle; Arrangement of miniature flowers: 1 Ann Thistletwaite; Artificial flowers: 1 Tizzie Entwistle; One lady’s spray: 1 Kirsty Rothwell; Hanging basket arranged by exhibitor: 1 Kirsty Rothwell; Tub arranged by exhibitor: 1 Margaret Townley; Flower arrangement with theme “A film”: 1 Tizzie Entwistle; Hedgerow arrangement: 1st Tizzie Entwistle.

(Class 70 Entry Free)

Quiche: 1 Kate German; Custard tart: 1 Anne Thistlethwaite; Three scones (Any Variety ): 1 Shirley Townley; Three oatcakes (Not Sweet): 1 Richard Tallentire; Four pieces of tray bake (Any Size): 1 Helen Pye; One fruit cake (To Recipe): 1 Kathleen Atkinson; Chocolate cake: 1 Elaine Drinkall; Rich fruit cake: 1 Anne Thistlethwaite; Madeira cake: 1 Kate German; One gingerbread: 1 Anne Thistlethwaite; One chocolate cake (Men Only): 1 Peter Armer; One sponge sandwich (without fat): 1 Shirley Townley; One round of shortbread: 1 Shirley Townley; Victoria sandwich: 1 Liz Stanford-Davis; Victoria sandwich (under 20 years) Entry free: 1 Becky Townley; One swiss roll: 1 Jane Pye; Six sweet biscuits: 1 Ann Rossall;

Four drop scones: 1 Rachel German; Home-made sweet cheesecake: 1 Anne Thistlethwaite; One jar home-made jelly: 1 Mary McMurran; One jar home-made jam (soft fruit excluding Raspberry): 1 Anne Thistlethwaite; One jar home-made jam (stone fruit): 1 Richard Tallentire; One jar raspberry jam: 1 Ann Thistlethwaite; One jar marmalade: 1 Ann Thistlethwaite; One jar lemon curd: 1 Ann Thistlethwaite; A fruit cheese or butter: 1 Tizzie Entwistle; One jar of Piccalilli/Chutney: 1 Gerald Baxter; 1/4 lb of fudge: 1 David Thistletwaite; One loaf home made bread (not white, not machine): 1 Kate German; One loaf home made bread (white, not machine): 1 David Thistletwaite; One tea loaf: 1 Anne Thistlethwaite; This year’s Special: 1 Elaine Drinkall.

Embroidery New (to include cross stitch): 1 Jane Pye; Knitted garment for a baby (up to 24”): 1 Anne Thistlethwaite; Arran or thick knitted article: 1 Anne Thistlethwaite; Patchwork and/or quilting 1 Val Jones; Knitted article, double knitting, new: 1 Brenda Sturrock; Hand-made greeting card: 1 Jean Wadsworth; Soft toy, Home Made: 1 Anne Thistlethwaite; Machine-sewn garment, New: 1 Alison Sedgewick; Handicraft Textiles - Women: 1 Anne Thistlethwaite; Handicraft Any Other – Women (Not textile): 1 Georgina Sayers; Painting: 1 Cath McCallum; Pencil drawing: 1 Emma Dawson; Crochet work New: 1 Anne England; Handicraft - Men: 1 Robert Wadsworth.

Handicraft, do-it-yourself kit, Men & Women

Scarecrow: 1 Rachel German; Colour photo, Any Subject (Under 16 yrs): 1 David Thistlethwaite; Colour photo, Animal Subject: 1 Emma Dawson; Colour photo, Group - People: 1 Anne Thistletwaite; Colour photo, Amusing Caption: 1 Anne Thistletwaite; Colour photo, Portrait: 1 Christine Ayrton;

Colour photo, Scenery Only: 1 Vicki O’Neil; Photo(Miscellaneous): 1 Emma Dawson; Black and white photo: 1 Emma Dawson; Old photo With Title: 1 James German; Handwriting, Infants: 1 Heidi Macauley; Handwriting, Junior: 1 Ollie Ip: Handwriting, Secondary: 1 Laura Simpson;

Knitting, Any Age: 1 Charlotte Longton; Pencil drawing, Infants: 1 Joe Entwistle; Pencil drawing, Juniors: 1 Amy Ayrton; Pencil drawing, Secondary: 1 Laura Simpson.

Coloured drawing, Infants

Coloured drawing, Juniors: 1 Jonathan Ayrton; Coloured drawing, Secondary: 1 Charlotte Longton; Design a Birthday Card, Primary: 1 Amy Ayrton; Design a Birthday Card, Secondary: 1 Charlotte Longton; Painting, Infant: 1 Hannah Longton; Painting, Secondary: 1 Charlotte Longton; Jam jar of wild grasses, Primary: 1 Joshua Thistlethwaite; Fruit or vegetable animal, Primary: 1st Jonathan Ayrton; Miniature garden, Primary (No larger than 12”x12”): 1 Joshua Thistlethwaite; Miniature garden, Secondary (No larger than 12”x12”): 1 David Thistlethwaite.

Handicraft, Infant

Handicraft, Junior: 1 Amy Ayrton; Handicraft, Secondary: 1 David Thistlethwaite;

Needlework, Primary: 1 Joshua Thistlethwaite; Needlework, Secondary: 1 David Thistlethwaite; Collection of vegetables: 1 Joshua Thistlethwaite; Collage (Primary) 1st Joshua Thistlethwaite; Decorated welly: 1 Taylor Pye; A decorated stone, Primary: 1 Jonathan Ayrton; Pre school any subject: 1 Taylor Pye; Computer drawing, Infants: 1 Hannah Longton; Computer drawing, Juniors: 1 Joshua Thistlethwaite; Computer drawing, Secondary: 1 Charlotte Longton; Miniature farm, Primary (No larger than 20” x 20”): 1 Joshua Thistlethwaite; The Debbie Gifford creative cake : 1 Olivia Aryton; 4 Decorated cup cakes: 1 David Thistlethwaite.


Derek Coultherd

The next meeting of the Austwick Field and Local History Society is on Wednesday, September 17, when the speaker is Ian Court, Wildlife Conservation Officer of the National Park Authority, who is talking about ‘Birds of the Yorkshire Dales National Park’.

Meetings are held in the Parish Hall and start at 7.30pm Non members are welcome admission £2.

Saturday, September 13 sees the annual church plant stall and coffee morning 10am – 12 noon in the church.

Go along and buy plants from the local gardens and enjoy a coffee and a chat.

Donations of cuttings plants and bulbs are gratefully appreciated and may be left on the grass outside church.

On Sunday there will be morning prayer at Austwick at 9.30am followed by Holy Communion at 6.30pm.

In August The Reverend Canon Ian Greenhalgh took along his son Tom to do this years sponsored event.

The challenge was to cycle the Way of the Roses, a cycle ride of 170 miles from Morecambe to Bridlington over a three-day period.

The ride went well and the all important weather stayed fine for the whole journey and they raised over £4000 to be used towards the upkeep of the four churches.


Karen Hills

On Saturday, September 20, Holy Trinity Church Bolton-Le-Sands is having an open day in church to raise awareness of the Raise the Roof, Open the Door Appeal.

We would like people to lend the church photographs of baptisms, weddings and special occasions that you have had in church.

These photographs will be part of a large display to show what the church means to its congregation. If you have any questions contact Karen Hillis on 824001 or Nikki Garnett on 825484.

The open day will be from 11am till 3pm and everyone is very welcome to visit the church and to see how they can help us preserve the church for future generations

To mark the 50th anniversary of Leighton Moss Nature Reserve, the Bolton le Sands Horticultural Society have invited Alan Stamford to their Autumn Coffee evening, where he will be giving a talk entitled The birds of Leighton Moss.

Come and join us at the United Reform Church from 7pm on Friday, September 19. Along with our special guest there will be refreshments and a raffle. There will be stalls selling autumn bedding plants and spring bulbs, a bric-a-brac stall and a cake stall.

The society would also like to use this opportunity to present the RSPB with a cheque for the money we raised on their behalf in the charity auction at the close of the summer show.


Larry Branyan

National Heritage Open Days will be held from Thursday, September 11 to Sunday, September 14, at Carnforth

The station’s Heritage Centre from 10am to 4pm. Free admission.

On Monday, September 15, the Friends of Carnforth Station are hosting their monthly Film Night in the Furness & Midland Hall at 7.30pm. Admission is £3 inclusive of light refreshments.


Paul Woodruff

There will be a Jazz Night at the Community Centre, Halton, on Saturday, September 13 featuring four bands offering acoustic, rhythm, contemporary and modern. Tickets cost £10, which comes with a light supper.

Tickets are still available at the centre or Halton Newsagents.

There are concerns from residents about traffic volume and speed at the western end of the village under the current motorway bridge and soon the second link bridge will be in place. Don’t Forget Kellett Lane closes this week.


Caroline Thompson

The church service on Sunday, Holy Cross Day, September 14, will be held at St.Oswald’s church at 9am.

The World’s Biggest Coffee Morning will be taking place on Friday, September 26, in aid of MacMillan Cancer Support. Thousands of events will be taking place all over the Country.

Mrs. Betty Carr of Brackenbottom, Horton-in-Ribblesdale invites everyone to attend the one she is organising in Horton-in -Ribblesdale Village Hall from onwards.

Please come along and help this amazing charity which helps so many people and their families who have been affected by cancer.

Sadly the predicted Indian summer ended abruptly in the early hours of Saturday morning and at one point it looked like the monsoon season had taken over.

However conditions did improve to a degree for the annual Agricultural and Horticultural Show at Horton-in-Ribblesdale which took place in the Village School and adjoining fields. Light showers did not dispel the visitors arriving to view the exhibits and between the showers it remained warm and calm.

A new showfield layout was a great success and improved parking and unloading facilities were a huge improvement, the latter only made possible by the kind permission of the Jackson family who provided not only the showfield but also the additional field for the vehicle parking.

There was a good standard of entries in the Sheep section, despite the clash of dates with both Keighley and Bentham Show and the Moorcock show the following day.

The judges of each section combined to judge both the Young Handlers section and the Supreme champion, both extremely difficult tasks.

There was a good turnout of Young Handlers and for some it was their first outing in the role but seasoned campaigner Abbey White stole the show as neither she nor her Mule faced gimmer lamb moved a muscle.

The supreme champion award went to the Champion Texel which was shown by Myerscough college student Ryan Middleton.

The four shear ram was the ideal example of the breed, a good level back, wide loined and well muscled with good size (he was immense) and a good confirmation.

The reserve champion was a Blue-faced Leicester Gimmer Lamb shown by Stephen Sutcliffe.

The Champion in the Dalesbred section was shown by Neil Jackson, the champion in the Swaledale section was shown by Barrie Thomas, a gimmer shearling from a Mossdale ram bred by Patrick Sowerby.

The Champion Zwartble was a home bred gimmer shearling from Jessica Lamberts Selside Zwartble flock.

Other cup winners and accolades in the sheep section were pretty evenly distributed with most exhibitors getting a share of the spoils.

Winner of the Young handler competition Abbey White also won the trophy for the best five mule gimmer lambs.

Show president, Mike Pearson’s daughter, Debbie Robinson had the best fleeced sheep and the best pair of gimmer lambs in the Swaledale ring.

Steve Raine had the best male and best tup lamb in the section, whilst Barrie Thomas won trophies for the best female and the best local exhibit in the aforementioned section.

Neil Jackson had the best Masham gimmer lamb, the best Male and the best group in the Dalesbred section.

Other winners in the section came from further afield: new exhibitor David Lambert of Bainbridge was awarded the trophy for the best fleeced sheep and Richard Brown of West Burton had the best Dalesbred female.

Alec Morphet and his family of High Birkwith enjoyed some success in the Swaledale arena but Alec`s finest hour was to come from his indoor entries in the Horticultural section.

Since taking a slightly smaller part in the day to day running of the hill farm ,Alec has turned his talents and enjoyment to the soil and has produced some prize winning vegetables.

His weeding, digging, planting and tending paid off when he gained most points in the section and was awarded a trophy for his endeavours. A popular winner and a fine achievement for a great supporter of the show, not bad for a man of eighty nine years young.

Horticultural judge, Steve Hodgson said it was the best display of vegetables he had seen at any of the shows over the summer.

Presenting the trophies was this year’s gala princess, Victoria Johnson, who at one point had to hand over the duties to vice chairman Barrie Thomas for she had won a couple of trophies herself: the best exhibit in the Confectionery section and the most points in the Junior Confectionery classes.

Other up and coming winners were: Grace Chenery who had the best children’s handicraft with an article made from string, Sierra Manning who had taken the best photograph by a child, Ruby Thomas who had most points in the under 11 years section and Class Two pupil Ryan Maudsley who exhibited the best piece of handwriting.

Grace Topper was the judge of the children’s section and remarked on the extremely high standard of the entries.

Show secretary and skilled needlewoman Paula Swainson had the best exhibit in the needlecraft section. Daughter Hannah exhibited the best overall photograph. Dianne Armstrong had the best exhibit in the flower section with her miniature garden and Heather Huddleston gained most points in the section.

A metal work sculpture from Chris Holmes won the accolade in the adult handicrafts section. The cup for most points in the Confectionery section was won by Helen Armstrong.

Best exhibit in the Horticultural section was won by Jessica Lambert with her four tomatoes.

The Sargison Cup for the Tea for two on a three tier cake stand was won by Gill Sandiford.

The judge of the Vintage Machinery class must have had one of the most difficult judging tasks of the day with an incredible line up of twelve Vintage tractors and six old vehicles.

The winner of the Vintage tractor class was local farm contractor Malcolm Campbell of Studfold who had a prize winning 1955 TEF 20, winner of the Vintage Vehicle was show treasurer Peter Shackleton.

Vicar of the combined parishes of Langcliffe, Stainforth and Horton, the Rev. Stephen Dawson must have added an extra prayer or two as he arrived to judge the dogs and pets for all behaved impeccably.

The skies cleared to enable the visitors to view the outside stock and catch up with friends old and new.

Refreshments were provided by the Friends of Horton School were very much enjoyed and appreciated as was the show in general by the good crowd who attended and thanks must be extended to all the committee and their friends who work so hard to make the event possible.

Full results:

Section A- Open to any member of the Parish of Horton: Two Masham Gimmer Lambs: 1.N.Jackson 2&3, C.Middleton; Two Mule Gimmer Lambs: 1 Abbey White, 2 S.H.Sutcliffe, 3 J.Millman; Two fat crossbred lambs: 1 R.Hewitt; One Swaledale gimmer lamb: 1&3. S & D.Robinson, 2 B.Thomas; Two Swaledale Gimmer Lambs: 1 S & D.Robinson, 2 J.A.Morphet, 3 D.Wood; One Swaledale Ram lamb: 1 J.A.Morphet, 2 B.Thomas, 3 S & D.Robinson.

One Swaledale Gimmer Shearling: 1 &2B.Thomas, 3 D.Wood; One Swaledale Suckled Ewe: 1 J.A.Morphet, 2 S&D.Robinson, 3 B.Thomas; One Swaledale Shearling Ram: 1 D.Wood, 2 &3 J.A.Morphet; One Dalesbred Gimmer Lamb: 1 N Jackson; Two Dalesbred Gimmer Lambs: 1 N Jackson; One Dalesbred Ram Lamb: 1 N Jackson; One Dalesbred Gimmer Shearling: 1 N Jackson; One Dalesbred Suckled ewe: 1 N Jackson.

Section AA - Open to any farmer in the UK

Blue Faced Leicester Ram: 1 J.Millman; Blue faced Leicester Ram Lamb: 1&2 Abbey White, 3 J Millman; Blue Faced Gimmer Lamb: 1&3 SH Sutcliffe, 2 Abbey White; Blue Faced Leicester Shearling and upwards: 1&2 SH Sutcliffe, 3 J Caton; Five Mule Gimmer Lambs: 1 Abbey White, 2 J Caton, 3 J Millman; Two Mule Gimmer Lambs: 1 SH Sutcliffe, 2 J Caton, 3 Abbey White; One Mule Gimmer Lamb: 1 SH Sutcliffe, 2&3 Abbey White.

One Dalesbred Gimmer Lamb: 1 & 3 R Brown, 2 D Lambert; One Dalesbred Shearling gimmer: 1 D Lambert, 2 R Brown, 3 N Jackson; One Dalesbred Aged Ram: 1 D Lambert, 2 D Charnley; One Dalesbred Shearling Ram: 1 N Jackson, 2 R Brown, 3 D Lambert; One Dalesbred Ram Lamb: 1 D Lambert, 2 N Jackson, 3 R Brown; One Dalesbred Suckled Ewe: 1 N Jackson, 2 D Lambert, 3 R Brown; Dalesbred Group: 1 N Jackson, 2 R Brown 3 D Lambert; One Swaledale Gimmer Lamb: 1 S&D Robinson, 2 S Raine, 3 B Thomas; One Swaledale Sheraling gimmer: 1&2 B Thomas, 3 D Wood; One Aged Swaledale Ram: 1 JA Morphet; One Swaledale Shearling Ram: 1 D Wood 2&3 JA Morphet; One Swaledale Ram Lamb: 1 S Raine, 2 JA Morphet, 3 S&D Robinson; One Swaledale Suckled Ewe: 1 JA Morphet, 2 S&Robinson, 3 BThomas.

Swaledale Group: 1 B.Thomas, 2. JA Morphet, 3 S&D Robinson; Zwartble Male Shearling: 1 T Sutcliffe; Zwartble Female Shearling: 1&2 J Lambert, 3 T Sutcliffe; Zwartble Suckled Ewe: 1 J Lambert, 2 R Middleton, 3 T Sutcliffe; Zwartble Gimmer lamb: 1 J Lambert, 2 R Middleton; Rare and Minority breed: 1& 3 R Middleton, 2 J Millman; Texel aged Ram: 1&2 R Middleton, 3 A&EDickinson; Texel Suckled Ewe: E Dickinson; Texel Gimmer Lamb: 1 R Lambert, 2 I Mounsey; Texel Ram Lamb: 1 A Dickinson, 2 R Lambert, 3 I.Mounsey.

Vintage Machinery - Vintage Tractor: 1 M Campbell, 2 I Mounsey, 3 P Sutcliffe; Vintage Car: 1&2 P Shackleton, 3 P Stevens.

Dogs and Pets

Large Pet Dog: 1 Jeff Brown with Pax, 2 William Armstrong with Heidi, 3 Gordon Swale with Bennyboy; Small Petdog: 1 Emily Summersgill Smith with Sky, 2 Ted Wilson with Tan, 3 Lesley Graham with Pupz; Sheepdog: 1 Lesley Graham with Smut; Any other Pet: 1 Emma Dunkley with KitKat, 2 Amy Dunkley with Wispa, 3 Charlotte Wilson with Fluffy.

Confectionery classes: Fruit Cake: 1 D Wood, 2 C.Teal, 3 K Chenery; Gingerbread: 1 L Graham, 2 D Wood, 3 M Middleton; Chocolate Cake: 1 C Lambert, 2 C Teal, 3 Edward Dickinson; No Bake Tray Bake: 1 H Armstrong, 2 C Teal, 3 S Mounsey; Novelty Cake: 1 C Middleton, 2 H Armstrong, 3 K Chenery; TeaLoaf: 1 L Graham, 2 B Suttie, 3 H Huddleston; Lemon Drizzle: 1 B Jackson, 2 T Dunkley, 3 H Armstrong; Fruit Scones: 1 W McCarthy, 2 S Lambert, 3 H Armstrong; Muffins: 1 H Armstrong, 2 S Hughes, 3 H Armstrong.

Chocolate Brownies: 1 C Teal, 2 H Armstrong, 3 B Jackson; Traybake: 1 H Armstrong, 2 C Teal, 3 S Hughes; Fruit Pie: 1 M Middleton, 2 H Huddleston, 3 B Jackson; Victoria Sandwich: 1 K Chenery, 2 Katie Gudgeon, 3 H Huddleston; Butterfly Buns: 1 Victoria Johnson, 2 S Lambert, 3 P Swainson; Biscuits: 1 J Davis, 2 J Campbell, 3 S Mounsey; Cold Sweet: 1 T Dunkley, 2 S Swainson, 3 H Armstrong; Lemon Meringue Pie: 1 L Graham, 2 D Wood, 3 C Middleton; Tea for two: 1 G Sandiford, 2 H Armstrong, 3 P Swainson; Quiche: 1 B Jackson, 2 D Wood, 3 K Jackson; Cake using Vegetables: 1 J Campbell, 2 M Middleton, 3 D Wood.

Lemon Cheese: 1 M Middleton, 2 H Sergeant, 3 H Huddleston; Jam: 1 S Mounsey, 2 &3 H Huddleston; Marmalade: 1&3 H Huddleston, 2 M Middleton; Chutney: 1 S Mounsey, 2 H Huddleston, 3 C Teal; Item made by a Gentleman: 1 G Bolger, 2 J Davis, 3 Matthew Gudgeon.

Junior Confectionery - Seven years and under

Decorated Cup cake: 1 Ruby Thomas, 2 Tilly Chenery, 3 Zoe Thomas; Decorated biscuits: 1 Ruby Thomas, 2 Zoe Thomas, 3 Olivia Newhouse; Currant buns: 1 Lily Pilkington, 2 Olivia Newhouse, 3 Rosie Wilson.

Eight to eleven years

Muffins: 1 William Armstrong, 2 Alfred Dickinson, 3 Grace Chenery; Biscuits: 1 Daisy Pilkington 2 Abbey White, 3 Edward Dickinson; Flapjack: 1 Alfred Dickinson, 2 Edward Dickinson, 3 Abbey White.

Twelve to sixteen years

Novelty Cake: 1 Victoria Johnson, 2 Emily Palmer, 3 Derek Palmer; Chocolate Brownies: 1 Victoria Johnson; Traybake: 1 Victoria Johnson: Tea for two: 1 Victoria Johnson, 2 Katie Gudgeon.


Hand knitting: 1 M.Middleton, 2 A Lambert 3 K.Chenery; Tapestry or cross stitch: 1&2 P Swainson, 3 C Middleton; Patchwork: 1& joint 3 P.Swainson, 2&joint 3 M.Middleton; Soft furnishings: 1&2 P Swainson; Any other item: 1&2 S Mounsey, 3 J Woods.


White Potatoes: 1 A Morphet, 2&3 J Lambert; Coloured Potatoes: 1&3 J Lambert, 2 A Morphet; Peas: 1 A Morphet, 2 J Lambert, 3 H Huddleston; One Vegetable with one flower: 1&3 A Morphet, 2 M.Lambert; Onions: 1 A Morphet, 2 H Armstrong, 3 J Lambert; Carrots: 1,2,&3 A Morphet; Cabbage: 1 M Lambert 2&3 J Lambert; Swede Turnips: 1&2 A Morphet, 3 J.Lambert; Beetroot: 1&2 J Lambert, 3 M Lambert; Four tomatoes: 1&3 J Lambert, 2 H Armstrong; Cucumber: 1 A Morphet, 2 J Lambert, 3 H Huddleston; Any other Vegetable: 1 J Lambert, 2 J Campbell, 3 A Morphet.


Home grown flowers: 1 H Huddleston, 2 G Bolger; Flowers, one bloom: 1 H Huddleston, 2 S Swainson; Flowering House Plant: 1 H Huddleston, 2 R Pilkington, 3 P Swainson; Foliage House Plant: 1 L Graham, 2 P Swainson, 3 H Huddleston; Succulent or Cactus: 1 L Graham, 2 P Swainson 3 B Jackson; Rose: 1 K Chenery; Saucer of flower heads: 1 H Huddleston, 2 P Swainson; Miniature garden over eleven years: 1 D.Armstrong, 2 A Humphrey; Miniature garden under eleven years: 1 Tilly Chenery, 2 Grace Chenery, 3 Lily Pilkington; Arrangement: 1 HHuddleston.


Hen eggs: 1 William Armstrong, 2 R Pilkington, 3 P Swainson; Bantam eggs: 1 J Lambert, 2 D.Wood.

Children’s section

Seven years and under - Decorated egg: 1 Tilly Chenery, 2 Rosie Wilson, 3 Olivia Newhouse; Decorated wooden spoon: 1 Zoe Thomas, 2 Tilly Chenery, 3 Sierra Manning; Duplo or Lego model: 1 Zoe Thomas, 2 Ruby Thomas, 3 Alex White.

Eight to eleven years

Decorated wooden spoon: 1 Grace Chenery, 2 Edward Dickinson, 3 Alfred Dickinson; Lego Model: 1 Matthew Gudgeon, 2 Grace Chenery, 3 Abbey White; Article made from string: 1 Grace Chenery, 2 Abbey White, 3 Charlotte Wilson.

Twelve to sixteen years

Article made from string: 1 Ted Wilson; Decorated wooden spoon: 1 Ted Wilson.

Animal Picture ( Nursery class): 1 Lucy Postlethwaite, 2 Olivia Newhouse, 3 Henry Maudsley; Daffodil Picture ( Class 1 ): 1 Matthew Gudgeon, 2 Ruby Thomas, 3 Rosie Wilson, Alex White; Animal Sewing ( Class 1): 1 Matthew Gudgeon, 2 Isabella Mezzanotte, 3 Lily Pilkington; Parrot Picture (Class 2 ): 1 Edward Dickinson, 2 William Maudsley, 3 George Pilkington; Lizard Clay model (Class 2): 1 Abbey White, 2 Charlotte Stewart, 3 Jack Bloom; Piece of handwriting (Class 2): 1 Ryan Maudsley, 2 Emily Palmer, 3 Julius John-Baptise.

Handicrafts eleven years and under

Handwork: 1 Charlotte Wilson, 2 Abbey White, 3 Alez White; Artwork: 1 Lizzie Swainson, 2 Ruby Thomas, 3 Lily Pilkington.

Handwork - over twelve years: 1 H Arkell, 2 S Jackson, 3 Victoria Johnson; Artwork over twelve years: 1 H Arkell, 2 L Sunter, 3 S Jackson.

Article made by a gentleman: 1&2 C Holmes; Display of WW1: 1 P Swainson; Sugarcraft: 1 P Swainson, 2&3 L Sunter; Poster for 2015 Show: 1 Victoria Johnson, 2 Katie Gudgeon, 3 Emily Palmer.

Photographs- Four waterfalls: 1 M Lambert, 2 A Lambert, 3 J Woods; Stormy weather: 1 J Woods, 2 M Lambert, 3 A Lambert; Down on the farm: 1 H Swainson, 2 L Graham, 3 Ted Wilson; On Holiday: 1 J Woods, 2 R Pilkington, 3 B Jackson; Captioned: 1 M Lambert, 2 H Sergeant, 3 R Pilkington; Photo taken by a child: 1 Sierra Manning, 2 Grace Chenery, 3 Ruby Thomas, Zoe Thomas, Tilly Chenery; Show Day: 1 A Lambert, 2 L Graham, 3 M.Lambert.


Sue Brown

There was no police representative at the September Parish Council meeting. However a discussion arose regarding the proposed changes in policing structure in North Yorkshire which could potentially mean suspects arrested locally being taken to Harrogate.

It was agreed that the parish council should write to the chief constable and crime commissioner to object to lack of consultation regarding these 

The chairman informed members with regret that a local venue within the village centre had not yet been found for the Post Office, but reassured members that the facility would remain in Ingleton.

Planning permission has been granted for the installation of a splash park at the swimming pool, change of use of the former post office into a cafe/bar and the sorting office 
into holiday accommodation also the demolition of 16 garages and the erection of six new dwellings for affordable rent. Members discussed the placing of donation boxes for the community centre car park toilets.

It was agreed to buy these subject to a cost limit of 
£500 including the installation.

The clerk reported that Playdale were still waiting for replacement fittings for the basket swing in the play area and several ropes from the scramble nets were hanging loose; she had requested costings from Playdale.

Regarding the Brow, the clerk confirmed that she had not received a reply from Horton Landscaping regarding the removal of the ivy and that she will contact them again.

A complaint was made about the growth through the railings near central gardens, the chairman suggested that should be looked at once the ivy was removed.

Members heard that the community centre hall floor had been stripped and recoated with a high quality hard wearing varnish. The Ingleton Rural Community Association will be funding new carpets at the 

The swimming pool has had a successful season and a very good fun day when it closed on August 31.


John Leach

The Equipment Fund met after its summer break on the first Friday in September when Beryl Mason won the games of whist.

Marie Anderson achieved second place with Mary Staveley sneaking into third place ahead of Ted Staveley who was fourth.

The high halves were taken by Olive Bell and Doris Alderson.

At the same meeting Jane Gardner won the games of dominoes with Pat Jenkinson taking second place and Audrey Eaton third.

The next meeting will be on the evening of Friday, September 19, in the Memorial Hall. The group meets to play whist and dominoes.

New members are welcome.

The September community coffee morning was run by the Karate Club. It was a lively affair with the empty cups being collected by young members of the club.

The next community coffee morning will be run by the Over Sixties on Saturday, October 4, in the Memorial Hall from 10am until noon.

The Autumn 2014 issue of the village newsletter was available at the coffee morning.

Copies continue to be available from the Memorial Hall and from village shops. The village thespians have formed ACT Two, which has scheduled two evenings of adult entertainment on Saturday, October 16, and Saturday, October 25.

These evenings will feature risqué short plays. Anyone who is easily offended should find other entertainment on those evenings.

In parallel with this, Stage Struck, the group that introduces children to the stage and acting is meeting on each Wednesday from 6:30pm until 9:30pm. For more information please telephone Rachel on 01524 82 52 41.

The annual general meeting of the Memorial Hall will be on Monday, September 22, at 7:30pm in the small hall of the Memorial Hall.

It will be an opportunity to learn about the remedial work that has been undertaken on the Memorial Hall during the summer and to discuss other improvements that the committee is planning and make suggestions.

The next meeting of the parish council will be on Monday, September 15, at 7:30pm. The meeting will start with an open forum when villagers can raise issues of concern.

There remains a vacancy for a parish councillor. One can be co-opted by the council and it is a good time to sample being a councillor as there are elections scheduled for next year. This means that should you volunteer and then decide it is not for you there will be a natural break when you can relinquish the role.

Betty Rawsthorne won the games of dominoes at the meeting of the Over Sixties Club on Monday, September 1. Chris Rowen took second place and June Gardner came third.

The games of whist were won by Mary Barker, with Marie Anderson coming second and Marjorie Bainbridge third.

The club meets fortnightly with the next meeting in the afternoon of Monday, September 15, in the Memorial Hall 
when whist and dominoes will be played and new participants will be welcomed.