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Austwick Show - Kate Smith receives the Byles Challenge Trophy for a bowl of roses from the President Bill Austwick's Annual Flower and Handicraft Show.
Austwick Show - Kate Smith receives the Byles Challenge Trophy for a bowl of roses from the President Bill Austwick's Annual Flower and Handicraft Show.

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Derek & Celia Coultherd

Last Sunday Eldroth Church held its annual Songs for a Summer Evening and, once again, this lovely little church brought together a group of very talented local people with songs, music, poetry and ad lib for an excellent evening of entertainment.

Praise must go to the young children for their musical talent, with solos on flute, recorder and accordion, whilst older people chose the guitar, violin or organ.

There was also poetry and songs to commemorate the two world wars that may have been sung by the solders or by their loved ones back home.

The Bowling Club played its annual competition for the Pickles Doubles Trophy, when the winners were Kath Morphet and Brian Heath, runners-up Margaret Pye and Jim Simpson.

This week Austwick will host Hornby for a 1.30pm start this Saturday, August 9, and on Sunday, August 10, it is President’s Day with the competition starting at 2pm.

Austwick Church services this week will be 9.30am Morning Prayer and 6.30pm Holy Communion. It is expected that Rev Cannon Ian Greenhalgh will have completed his sponsored coast to coast Way of the Roses, Morecambe to Bridlington cycle ride, but it’s not to late to ease the pain with a donation for his efforts.

After a much better growing season with unusually high temperatures residents were looking forward to a stunning exhibition at Austwick’s Annual Flower and Handicraft Show.

However, almost on cue, Friday’s downpour arrived and damaged flower and vegetable exhibits at the last minute. Undeterred residents rose to the challenge and entries were made in all classes with a record number of entrants this year.

It was particularly encouraging to see new exhibitors and new faces winning classes and trophies.

The quality of the produce displayed was extremely high, impressing the judges with the standard of the exhibits and those visiting the show were not disappointed.

Result: Challenge Trophy: Sheila Gooch. Winifred Mattinson Cup: Frances Southworth. Ulrich Kube Memorial Cup: Kathleen Morphet. Richard Wallbank Trophy: Molly Preston. Byles Challenge Cup: Kate Smith. Chapman Trophy: Melanie Greenhalgh. Preston Cup: Bill Procter. Fred Price Memorial Trophy: Bill Procter. Brook Poultry Cup: Luke Harrison. Glyn Jones Challenge Cup: Pam Smith.

Metcalfe Cup: Tony Stephens. Malcolm Bowker Trophy: George Gooch. Jean Dodgson Award: Sheila Gooch. Brook Cookery Cup: Mary James. Marjorie Wedderburn Prize: Bill Procter. Foster Beaver Challenge Cup: Bill Procter. Nellie Price Memorial Cup: Izabella Spensley. Brook Handwriting Cup (eight-11 years): Jack Hewgill. Sharples Cup: Isabella Spensley.

Flower Section – Four roses: 1 K Morphet, 2 J Musgrave. Three roses at different stages: 1 J Musgrave, 2 P Broadhead. Garden pinks: 1 M Pettiford, 2 P Tibbatts. Pansies or violas: 1 B Procter, 2 M Hird. Pot marigolds: 1 F Southworth, 2 P Russell. French or African marigolds: 1 B Procter, 2 J Butler. Dahlias: 1 and 2 K Morphet. Phlox: 1 S Gooch, 2 P Broadhead.

Antirrhinums: 1 Bill Procter. Spikes sweet peas: 1 S Dewhirst, 2 P Tibbatts. Container of sweet peas: 1 S Dewhirst, 2 P Tibbatts. Hardy annuals: 1 F Southworth, 2 C Vaughan-Williams. Hardy perennials: 1 F Southworth, 2 C Wilkinson. Flowering house plant: 1 M Preston, 2 M James. Foliage house plant: 1 M Preston, 2 C Vaughan-Williams.

Cactus or succulent: 1 J Musgrave, 2 C Vaughan-Williams. Bowl of roses: 1 K Smith. Nasturtiums: 1 F Southworth, 2 M Preston. Best in section: Frances Southworth, vase of hardy annuals.

Artistic Flower Section – Garden flowers with foliage: 1 M Greenhalgh, 2 M Hird. A parallel arrangement: 1 M Greenhalgh, 2 C Wilkinson. Country kitchen: 1 M Greenhalgh, 2 M Hird. Green arrangement: 1 M Hird, 2 M Greenhalgh. Pew end for a wedding: 1 M Greenhalgh, 2 E Thornton. Best in section: Margaret Hird, green arrangement.

Vegetable and Fruit Section – White potatoes: 1 B Procter, 2 C Vaughan-Williams. Coloured potatoes: 1 and 2 B Procter. White and coloured potatoes: 1 B Procter, 2 M Pettiford. Carrots: 1 K Jowett, 2 C Vaughan-Williams.

Onions: 1 B Procter, 2 C Vaughan-Williams. Beetroot: 1 and 2 B Procter. Shallots: 1 B Procter, 2 J Milnthorpe. Pods of peas: 1 B Procter, 2 J Hooley. Pods mange tout/snap peas: 1 K Jowett. Broad beans: 1 M Southworth, 2 K Jowett. French beans: 1 Roger Moore, 2 J Milnthorpe. Runner beans: 1 J Butler, 2 J Milnthorpe.

Courgettes: 1 J Milnthorpe, 2 M Southworth. Cauliflower: 1 B Procter. Cabbage: 1 and 2 B Procter. Lettuce: 1 B Procter. Salad leaves: 1 C Vaughan-Williams, 2 B Procter. Cucumber: 1 B Procter, 2 J Milnthorpe. Ripe tomatoes: 1 B Procter.

Truss of tomatoes: 1 B Procter, 2 S Dewhirst. Flower and vegetable: 1 K Jowett, 2 M Pettiford. Vegetables on a tray: 1 M Southworth, 2 C Vaughan-Williams. Herbs: 1 B Procter, 2 C Vaughan-Williams. Soft fruit: 1 B Procter, 2 C Vaughan-Williams. Up to four soft fruits: 1 C Vaughan-Williams.

Any other vegetable or fruit: 1 M Pettiford, 2 C Vaughan-Williams. Best in section: Ken Jowett, flower and vegetable.

Egg Section – Hen eggs: 1 L Harrison, 2 C Vaughan-Williams. Bantam eggs: 1 J Milnthorpe, 2 C Vaughan-Williams. Hen eggs including contents: 1 and 2 L Harrison.

Bantam egg including contents: 1 J Milnthorpe, 2 C Vaughan-Williams. Other poultry eggs: 1 and 2 R Hird. Best in section: Luke Harrison, hen eggs.

Art and Handicraft Section – Abstract painting: 1 H Brocklehurst, 2 D Wilkinson. Painting in any medium: 1 D Wilkinson, 2 E Thornton. Cityscape drawing: 1 S Gooch, 2 C Leeming. Any other subject: 1 M Hallam, 2 P Smith.

Non-digital photographs: 1 T Stephens, 2 C Leeming. Digital photographs on a specific theme: 1 N Thompson, 2 G James. Photograph Weather: 1 G Gooch, 2 J Leeming. Hand-made greetings card: 1 P Smith, 2 S Gooch. Hand-made bag: 1 K Hewgill, 2 P Smith. Soft toy: 1 K Hewgill.

Cross-stitch/tapestry: 1 and 2 S Dewhirst. Knitted item/garment: 1 J Bury, 2 H Meadows. Other needlework: 1 S Gooch, 2 K Hewgill. Felt work: 1 P Smith, 2 S Gooch. 3D object: 1 M Creaser, 2 P Smith. Best in section: Sheila Gooch, any other needlework.

Cookery Section – Cottage loaf: 1 J Milnthorpe, 2 C Wilkinson. Melting moments: 1 P Russell, 2 M James. Welsh griddle cakes: 1 M James, 2 C Vaughan-Williams. Muffins: 1 M James, 2 M Greenhalgh.

Chocolate eclairs: 1 S Harrison. Tea loaf: 1 P Broadhead, 2 S Goold. Recipe item, Bakewell tart: 1 M James, 2 J Huck. Lemon meringue pie: 1 M Hallam. Vegetarian savoury dish: 1 J Butler, 2 J Leeming. Carrot cake: 1 F Bowring, 2 R Hird. Fruit pie: 1 J Huck, 2 M Greenhalgh. Jar of jam/jelly: 1 B Procter, 2 P Smith. Marmalade: 1 P Smith, 2 C Wilkinson. Lemon curd: 1 C Vaughan-Williams, 2 S Dewhirst.

Home-made wine or liqueur: 1 J Musgrave, 2 C Wilkinson. Cordial or non-alcoholic drink: 1 A Dyson, 2 J Huck. Pickle/chutney: 1 J Milnthorpe, 2 J Huck. Men only, coffee and walnut cake: 1 B Wright, 2 G Bowring. Best in section: Bill Procter, jar of jam.

Children’s Section – Artwork, children under school age: 1 H Hewgill. Hands and feet pattern: 1 H Hewgill. Artwork, five-six years: 1 S White, 2 S Honnor. Artwork, seven-eight years: 1 J Brownlie, 2 L Evans. Artwork, nine and over: 1 J Lodge, 2 R Dunwell. Handwriting, eight-11 years: 1 J Hewgill, 2 I Spensley.

Flag for Commonwealth Games: 1 H Rouse, 2 I Spensley. Photograph, Countryside: 1 Luke Harrison, 2 I Spensley. Bookmark: 1 I Spensley, 2 C Wilkinson. Decorated plant pot: 1 I Spensley, 2 H Rouse. Model made from junk: 1 D Brocklehurst, 2 L Harrison.

Tin foil creation: 1 I Spensley, 2 T Hewgill. Vegetable spaceship: 1 I Spensley, 2 L Harrison. Pizza face: 1 L Harrison. Something I have grown myself: 1 T Hewgill, 2 J Hewgill. Miniature garden/allotment: 1 I Spensley, 2 S White. Best in section: Isabella Spensley, miniature garden or allotment.


Jay Barkley

At the annual meeting of Burton Arts and Crafts Society, Mary Newell announced that after many years she was standing down as chair. Mary was thanked for her years of service and wise guidance, and on being invited to become the first president of the society by Eric Parrott she was delighted to accept.

Vice-chairman Christopher Sutcliffe reported a successful year with special mention of the 10th anniversary exhibition, while John Brown outlined the programme for the coming year. John and his wife Pam were given a vote of thanks for organising the annual outing this year to the Walker and Tate Art Galleries in Liverpool.

Kath Hayhurst was elected as the new chair and reported on the society archive and library, tasks which now will be taken over by committee members Jean Hall and Betty Scott. Paula Firth remains as treasurer and Audrey Frost as secretary to the society. Judith Ellis, retiring from the committee, was warmly thanked for her service. Eric Parrott was re-elected and local artist Cally Lawson was welcomed as the new member to the committee.

After refreshments Sue Mulvaney gave an interesting lecture entitled What’s behind the Picture, explaining how to interpret the meanings of famous ancient and modern pictures.

The next meeting will be held on Monday, September 29, at 7.30pm, at the hall, when Sue Tydsley will speak on Encaustic Art (working with wax).

Activity Week for Kids at the hall continues until tomorrow, Friday, August 8, 11am to noon. Enquiries please telephone 01524 781306.

The Lancaster Canal Trust is looking to encourage families and children in their work and activities. Further details from Vicky Metcalf, Community Development Specialist,

CraftMarket is an annual event held at Burton Memorial Hall, where quality crafts are on sale direct from the crafter. CraftMarket is a family friendly event with children’s craft activities and a vintage tearoom serving delicious food.

This annual event is organised as a fund-raiser for the memorial hall, and all stall and entrance fees go into the hall’s funds to help pay the costs of running the hall.

Taking place over the weekend of Saturday and Sunday, September 20 and 21, CraftMarket 2014 will be open to the public between 10am and 4pm each day. Admission is just £1 per adult, accompanied children go free.

Refreshments will be available throughout both days in the pop-up vintage tearoom (provided by the Vintage Village Hall), and there will be children’s craft activities on the hall’s stage overlooking the craft market area.

This year the committee wanted to add a new dimension to the event, so would like to invite people to make and donate hanging mobiles which will be used to decorate the hall and the trees outside.

They can be fun or serious; they can showcase artistic or crafty talents, or even recycling skills, in wood, shells, pottery, glass, papier-mâché, card, yarn, fabric, whatever takes your fancy. They can be solo projects or collaborative ones.

Mobiles can be delivered to the hall on Friday, September 19, between 7pm and 10pm, or they can be posted or delivered to CraftMarket 2014, c/o 4 Drovers Way, Burton, Carnforth LA6 1HU, anytime between September 14-19.

More details about this event or the hall are available from 01524 781306 or online at


Larry Branyan

A Children’s Party will be held at the Railway Club, Carnforth, on Bank Holiday Sunday, August 24, from 3pm to 6pm. Tickets are priced at £2.50 per child and the event will include games and a tea party. Fancy dress optional, with a prize for the best boy and best girl. Each child will also receive a gift.

Entry by ticket only, which are limited and can be obtained from Gail on 01524 730852 or the Railway Club on 732723.


Graham Creer


On Saturday, August 16, the 153rd Galgate Horticultural Society Gaslight Show will be held at Ellel Village Hall, Galgate, from 2pm to 5pm. Admission is free and refreshments will be available.

This annual village show and gives children and adults the opportunity to exhibit their skills in producing or creating wonderful displays of flowers, fruit, vegetables, preserves, baking, art, handicrafts and photographs and entry is open to all, not just villagers.

There is a wide range of children’s classes so why not give your children an opportunity to show off their imagination and create an exhibit during the school holidays to enter in the show.

Photograph entries must be submitted by Sunday, August 10, all other entries must be submitted by Wednesday, August 13.

Also on display again will be Bob’s Party Owls, a very popular attraction last year, and in addition this year Pottery Roos will have a display which will give adults and children an opportunity to make a ceramic creation of their own.

The Mayor of Lancaster, Susie Charles, will present the prizes and trophies, followed by an auction of produce and a raffle.

Show schedules including an entry form are available at various outlets around the village including the Spar shop, Post Office and the chip shop or can be obtained by calling 01524 751771 or downloaded at


Mike Waites

Church Treasurer

The Glasson Dock Book Fair held on July 19 made £476 for church funds after expenses, with around 150 people attending. This was a most successful outcome for a first effort.


John Bateman

The Ninth Annual Sweet Pea competition was held in the Smithy Inn on July 27, when the main competition was won by Richard Ponter with Colin Mason a close second and Tashman taking the third prize.

The best decorated bottle competition was won by Kate Wood. In the children’s section Jack Ponter was in first place with Caleb Atkinson in second and Frank Hine and Jessica Atkinson joint third.


Chris Kynch

The application for the dissolution of Claughton Parish Council, which some years ago was poised to merge with Hornby with Farleton Parish Council but then took on a new lease of life, was approved by Lancaster City Council on July 16.

The reasons cited were the small size of the parish and a long term lack of interest in keeping a council running.

The order of dissolution came into effect on July 17. All property including the parish precept and any liabilities of the former council are transferred to the parish trustees, and meetings to discuss matters of interest to Claughton residents may be convened by an entity to be known as the parish meeting.

Should any Claughton residents want to form and chair a parish meeting – which would meet at least once a year – they should contact Sarah Taylor, Chief Officer (Governance) on 01524 582025 or

Hornby District Ramblers parked at Settle Swimming Pool for a walk of seven and a half miles in the area of Giggleswick Scar. A large party set off on a beautiful day, although almost too hot for walking, up the valley along a path from the car park by the bridge over the River Ribble.

The ramblers then turned uphill, with increasingly impressive views over the countryside around Stainforth, the disused quarries, and scars beyond.

They left the path for a short walk along a lane to Little Stainforth where a coffee break was enjoyed on the small village green. Taking a footpath towards, but bypassing Feizor, they gently climbed on to the delightful open fell, enjoying long views across rolling limestone fell country pastures.

The return route remained at a higher level, meandering along the top of Giggleswick Scar. A detour over a stretch of limestone pavement was made by some of the party, curious to look at a crumbling stone edifice.

After a descent over short grass and rocky bits the ramblers rejoined the trail back to the cars and drove on to Watershed Mill for refreshments.

The next Hornby District walk will be taken this Saturday, August 9, in the Peasley Beck area, led by Ann and Peter Shaw. Transport is available for the five and a half mile walk from Hornby car park at 9.30am.

Hornby Pensioners’ outing will be taken on Tuesday, August 12, to Keswick, visiting Hayes Garden Centre on the return journey, starting from Hornby at 11am.

Sunday school will continue this Sunday, August 10, at Hornby St Margaret’s Church, during the 10.45am Sunday Communion Service.

Fr Luiz Ruscillo and the parishioners of St Mary’s and Our Lady’s, Caton, would like to thank all those who so generously supported the annual garden party.

The sun shone, the band played and young and old had a very pleasant afternoon. Fr Luiz reminds residents and visitors that St Mary’s garden is always open for a gentle walk, peaceful meditation or for a seat in the sun.

Hornby Swimming Pool offers an opportunity to become a junior lifeguard at a session running from 9.30am to 11.30am on Friday, August 15. Pre-session booking is requested on 015242 21119.


Caroline Thompson

Members of Pen-y-Ghent Gun Club met at Cragg Hill Farm by kind invitation of Mr and Mrs P Sutcliffe and family. K Iball was the marshall for the mixed team event.

The winning team comprised of K Humphrey with 74 points, R Bold scoring 63, K Iball with 57 and R Carr with 54. The runners-up were S Bamber scoring 70 points, K Bennett with 56 and E Sharpe with 49. A 10-bird pool shoot was won by S Bamber.

The club met recently to compete for the Ring Pot Cup which was aptly held in Ring Pot Pasture by kind invitation of Mr and Mrs M Wilson and family.

R Carr was the marshall for the 30-bird sporting layout competition and he was also the winner of the event with 29 kills. Second was K Humphrey with 27 and third was A McLernon with 26. A 10-bird pool shoot was won by E Sharpe.

The next shoot will be held at Jop Ridding Farm, Austwick, on Sunday, August 17, at 2pm.

There will be a 9am service at St Oswald’s Church this Sunday, August 10, the eighth Sunday after Trinity.

Horton History Group’s Exhibition, to commemorate the centenary of World War I, will open on Friday, August 22, at 7.30pm, with wine and cheese.

The exhibition will continue the following day and at 2.30pm the Mothers’ Union will be holding their birthday tea party, celebrating the founding of their group in 1939. Please join them for tea and cakes on their 75th birthday.

The Village Hall Committee urgently needs a new secretary, the role will include the arranging of the annual Village Gala and the Village Christmas Party. Please contact Heather Huddleston on 01729 860396 who for further details.

The annual Agricultural and Horticultural Show will take place on Saturday, September 6. If requiring an entries schedule please contact the secretary Paula Swainson on 01729 860435.

There will be both indoor and outdoor classes which are open to anyone. Entries close on Tuesday, August 19. Completed entries may be left at the village hall on this date from 7pm to 7.30pm.

A show meeting will start at the latter time, everyone welcome to attend.

Offers of help before or on the show day will be gratefully accepted, new committee members always welcome.

Enquiries for stalls or stands at the show please contact Paula on the above number.

The Governors of Horton-in-Ribblesdale Primary School Exhibition Foundation are prepared to consider applications for grants towards full-time continuous courses of advance study.

Applicants must be currently resident in Horton and to have lived there and attended a local school for not less than two years.

Application forms may be obtained from the mobile shop or from the school.

Please return applications to the school no later than Friday, September 26.


Lunesdale Show

The Lunesdale Agricultural Show is a traditional country show with all the attractions that makes for a great family day out.

This year it will be held on Tuesday, August 12, at its usual venue of Underley Park in Kirkby Lonsdale.

There has been a record number of sheep entries this year, good entries in the horse classes including heavy horses and show jumping, and good entries in the dog show and poultry sections.

The large home industries section is well supported with classes for adults and children.

The Cumberland and Westmorland Wrestling Competition will take place after lunch followed by the parade of hounds from the Vale of Lune Harriers and Grand Parade.

With the Birds of Prey, a variety of children’s entertainment, vintage vehicles, the craft marquee, food hall and the many trade stands there will be plenty for everyone to see and do.

The show field overlooks the Lune Valley with the famous Ruskin’s View a two minute walk away and the town of Kirkby Lonsdale only a five minute walk (depending on how long you stop to admire the view).

There will be free car parking, catering and a licensed bar will be on site.

Kirkby Lonsdale is gearing up for a new approach to its traditional September weekend celebration.

Once famous for its Victorian-themed weekend, when visitors not dressed in costume faced the choice of a fine or deportation to the Colonies, the town is taking a small step forward in time to stage its first-ever Edwardian Weekend.

Community manager Belinda Roos is finalising an extensive programme of events to replicate Edwardian times 100 years ago, in the last summer before the outbreak of the World War I.

“These events give us a wonderful opportunity to recall how people lived and laughed during the summer of 1914,” said Mrs Roos, “but we’ll end with a poignant reminder of what followed with a drama called Accrington Pals, reflecting on how whole communities of 
young men enlisted and went to war”.

The production will be staged by Burneside Amateur Theatrical Society.

The weekend, from Friday, September 5, until Sunday, September 7, will feature Edwardian afternoon teas, market stalls, bell-ringers, demonstrations by lacemakers, quilters, a blacksmith and willow weavers. There will be old fashioned games for children in the play park, with other sporting events taking place elsewhere.

Shopkeepers are being encouraged to dress their windows – and staff – in Edwardian style, with prices to match.

Other attractions are set to include live music, a magician, ice cream tricycle and a traditional helter skelter. For more details, visit


Mary Taylor

John Wilson led members of Tatham History Society on a three-mile walk in Lower Tatham on the afternoon of August 2.

Beginning at Russells, he spoke about the Lord of the Manor’s plans to improve the land in 1612, pointing out the extent of cultivated land at that time with names of houses still in use today, for example Moorhead and Feather Mire, which would have been heather mire.

The walk began on the old coffin route from Higher Tatham to St James the Less Church, as all funerals and weddings had to take place at this church.

Members took a detour to inspect ancient quarries, before crossing rough ground to Long Lane.

At Ashleys they picked up the coffin trail, now a bridle path, and continued back to Russells.

From pub to pub/auction to auction, the week long Farmers’ Walk for Cancer Charities, organised by a group of farmers from the Slaidburn area, passed through this parish on 
July 31.

The first leg of 16-miles, on Monday, July 28, was from Middleton in Teesdale Auction to Tan Hill Pub, Tuesday was 16-miles to Hawes Auction, and Wednesday 15-miles to Ingleton.

About 40 walkers and several dogs set off on Thursday’s 10-mile walk from Thornton-in-Lonsdale, following field footpaths through Burton-in-Lonsdale to Low Bentham.

Just west of the Punch Bowl in Low Bentham they crossed the Yorkshire/Lancashire border into Tatham, following footpaths over Robert Hall land and Greenside fields to Ashleys, along the road and over fields to Millhouses where they crossed the River Hindburn and passed into Wray parish where that day’s walk ended.

On Friday, the final day, they walked from Wray to Slaidburn where there was a party for around 600 people at Procter’s Farm.


Janet Purvis

St Helen’s Church will hold a Eucharist Service at 10.45am this Sunday, August 10, Join the congregation after the service for refreshments.

Please note Junior Church is on holiday until September. Items for the local Food Bank will be in church, tinned or dried items welcome.

Fair Trade goods will also be on sale after the service.

This Sunday, August 10, at Sunderland Point Mission, there will be an Evensong Service with Book of Common Prayer at 2.30pm.

Save the date – Harvest Supper and Auction at the Globe Hotel, Overton, at 7pm, on Monday, October 6.

Contact details and diary dates available on

A guided walk called Mawson’s Garden Village, will start from the level crossing on Hest Bank shore at 2pm this Saturday, August 9.

The walk will highlight the influence of the landscape designer Thomas Mawson and how arts-and-crafts Mawson buildings came to characterise Hest Bank. Places on the walk are priced £3 per person.

For further details contact the tour guide Peter Wade, telephone 01524 420905.