Tour bus in lorry smash

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Latest news.

A schoolgirl was flown to hospital after an accident in Austria in which a Morecambe tour bus was hit by a Polish lorry.

The accident happened on the busy A12 Autobahn in Tyrol, Austria, heading towards Arlberg and left debris scattered across the road after the lorry disintegrated when it bounced off the bus and hit the central reservation.

Two people were taken to hospital by ambulance and the air ambulance was called to take the girl to hospital after she suffered from shock and ended up with an asthma attack.

The injured were taken to hospital in Innsbruck.

Police said that the bus was operated by Battersby Silver Grey, a family run business based in Morecambe.Managing director of Battersby Silver Grey, Tony Harrison, said: “The coach was on the hard shoulder when the lorry ploughed into it.

“The coach was travelling from Innsbruck back to England carrying schoolchildren from a week long skiing trip.

“Nobody on the coach was injured but the lorry driver was.

“Because we were high up in the mountains, the girl was airlifted out for treatment as a standard procedure.

“All the children, who were not local, are now home safely.”

The coach was being taken to the manufacturers to be repaired.

The accident happened on Saturday.