Thieves ‘target’ dead man’s ornamental gorilla

Boris the gorilla
Boris the gorilla

Thieves stole a Heysham man’s ornamental gorilla just days after his funeral.

Lynn Richards said her father Trevor Judson was cremated last Friday, but by Monday morning, his beloved four foot patio fixture had been carted off.

Lynn said her father had a great sense of humour, often dressing Boris the gorilla in cowboy outfits and Hawaiian shirts, but that she was treating the theft seriously.

The ornament was stolen from a patio at Oxcliffe New Farm Park, in the early hours of Monday September 16.

Lynn said: “We think it’s been targeted because you’d need a van to move it.

“My dad bought the gorilla while on holiday about five years ago and paid a lot of money for it.

“We think whoever stole it knew he had died. I just can’t believe it.”

Police confirmed that they received a report about the theft of a large, man sized ornamental gorilla at 9.15am on Monday morning. Anyone with information should call police on 101.