The House of Lords - coming to a field near you

It’s an age old belief that the north of England plays second fiddle to the south when it comes to government projects and spending.

On a visit to the area last week, chancellor George Osborne said this “simply wasn’t true”, however many remain unconvinced.

But what if The House of Lords was to up sticks and relocate 239 miles north from London to Lancaster?

According to Lord Adonis, the former Labour transport secretary, who came up with the idea of moving the House to the north of England, it could work, and would mean “the voices of manufacturing industry and rural Britain would be far stronger than they are in the south-east.”

The move, he said, would combat Britain’s “London-centricity”.

He added: “A relocated Lords would allow peers to add something new to the political process, representing Parliament’s voice from somewhere new and thereby tapping into different issues and policy solutions.”

One national newspaper journalist even went as far as to say that this new location should be here - Lancaster - “at the junction of Fenham Carr Lane and Wyresdale Road to be precise”.

Guardian writer Stephen Moss suggests that, assuming Scotland votes to stay in the UK, Lancaster is the dead centre of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, and could be the home of our new, “truly national parliament”.

Lancaster City Council leader Eileen Blamire, who represents John O’ Gaunt ward, said: “When I spoke to Mark Cullinan the chief executive (of the council) he said ‘why not Westminster as well?!’

“I have mixed feelings about this but it would be a wonderful economic stimulus. Whether those fields are an ideal place to put it is another matter.

“I’m sure it would give some of those 800 people in the Lords a different view of the north. When the BBC moved north, everyone was up in arms, but it’s worked out well for Salford.”

Eric Ollerenshaw, MP for Lancaster and Fleetwood said that while the idea was quite “tongue in cheek”, it also raised a serious point about London being “overloaded”.

He added: “As the local MP I have no problems with this. It may be a very good reason to push for a stop at Lancaster on the planned HS3 route. There’s a serious point here in that the government said it would re-balance the British economy not only in terms of finance and manufacture but also regionally.”

The junction of Wyresdale Road and Fenham Carr Lane in Lancaster.

The junction of Wyresdale Road and Fenham Carr Lane in Lancaster.