Thank you for saving me life

A WOMAN left fighting for her life after coming off her scooter in high winds had an emotional reunion with the doctor she says saved her at the roadside.

Sam O'Connor, 23, told Dr Sas Khazenifar: "Thanks for saving my life", after he visited her home at Regents Caravan Park in Morecambe.

Sam is home after more than eight weeks in hospital following the accident in Bare Lane, Morecambe, in which her scooter collided with a tree in high winds.

She ended up needing three lots of surgery after suffering a torn artery, swelling to the brain, a collapsed lung, two broken legs and a fractured hip.

Hospital staff told her she could have died at the scene but for the actions of Dr Khazenifar, a facial surgeon, who had been travelling behind her when the accident happened at about 12.15pm on March 1.

During his visit, he told Sam and her mum Patricia how he managed to succeed where paramedics had failed in efforts to feed a morphine drip into her arm, which provided pain relief and helped to save her.

Sam, who has vowed never to get on a scooter again, said: "It was nice to get an inside account of what happened and really brought it home to me even more how lucky I was.

"He was my life saver and my mum ran up to him, gave him a big hug and started crying."

Sam, who worked at Greggs Bakery on Westgate, Morecambe, and as a cleaner at the Lancaster Probation Office before her accident, is now in a wheelchair.

She has still not recovered feeling in her right leg and has been advised to wait another two weeks before putting weight on her foot.

"They say it is the nerves and that they can take up to 18 months to heal," she said. "In a worst case scenario, they might not heal at all but I am still here."

Dr Khazenifar, who grew up in Bare and attended Lancaster Royal Grammar School, now lives in Sheffield, but had been visiting his mother at the time of the accident.

"Sam was pale, shocked and breathless, the bone was sticking out of her leg and getting a pulse was difficult even though she was conscious," he said.

"She was bleeding internally which causes the blood pressure to drop so it was vital to get that intravenous access to her arm to maintain circulation.

"I'm just so happy I was in a position to be able to help, it was such a coincidence and I'm over the moon that she is now back home."