Terry’s £800 run for mum

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A dad-of-two has run the race of his life to mark the 20th anniversary of losing his mum to cancer.

Ann Starkie died from cervical cancer in January 1995, just months before her 50th birthday, and her family wants to commemorate her life by raising money for St John’s Hospice, where she died.

Ann Starkie, who died at the age of 49 from cervical cancer.

Ann Starkie, who died at the age of 49 from cervical cancer.

Terry, who turned 50 himself in January, ran the Seville Marathon last month to celebrate his birthday and also mark the 20th anniversary of his mother passing.

And he has raised almost £800 for the hospice in the process.

Terry, who lives in Bare Lane with his wife Jeanie, daughter Ellie and son Jake, said: “Mum died in the hospice. They were brilliant and we couldn’t have done it without them. You don’t realise what a brilliant place it is until you have to use it.

“Up until her diagnosis mum was fit and had never had a day off.

“She went through the whole treatment but was still jolly; the only regret she had was that she might not make it to her 50th birthday, which she didn’t.”

“She was the local schools swimming teacher and ran a swimming school with her sister Margaret Roberts which was based at Kingsway.

“They taught all the local schoolchildren and a lot of people in the area will remember them.

“We are hoping people who remember her or who she taught to swim will donate to the cause.”

After running in temperatures reaching 22 degrees Celsius, Terry finished the race with a respectable time of four hours 29 minutes.

The race – which was Terry’s third marathon – was a great event which he thoroughly enjoyed, and had a route which took him through the historic centre of Seville and surrounding district, while allowing him to soak up the sights and atmosphere created by the mass of supporters on the day.

He said: “It was a fantastic trip. It was very warm but a perfect day really. The last few miles were through the historical side of Seville and the sun was bouncing off the marble.

“I really enjoyed it, apart from the last couple of miles which were tough.

“There was masses of support in the streets, which helped spur me on.

Terry, who works for Stena Line at Heysham Harbour, would like to say a big thank you to all his friends, family and colleagues who have supported him in raising £794 so far. There is still time to sponsor Terry at https://home.justgiving.com/ (search Terry Starkie).