Teenager jailed for attack in Morecambe alleyway

A TEENAGER involved in a violent attack in a Morecambe alleyway was described as having had a “rush of blood to the head”.

The victim of the atttack, Jason McCandlish, was initially struck by another man with a baseball bat. Bradley O’Mara then joined in by throwing a piece of wood that hit Mr McCandlish on the head.

Mr McCandlish was taken by ambulance to hospital and treated for an 8cm laceration to the back of his head. He also had a contusion to the right side of the back of his head and a black eye.

O’Mara, 19, of Borwick Court, Morecambe, had pleaded guilty to offences of unlawful wounding and having an offensive weapon - a piece of wood. A judge at Preston Crown Court jailed him for 18 months.

The incident in an alleyway between Arkholme Court and Borwick Court Estate on Westgate took place on the afternoon of October 3, last year.

Mr Roger Baldwin, prosecuting, said Mr McCandlish had been to pick up his two children from school and was walking home along the pathway between the two roads.

O’Mara was seen to jump over a fence in front of him. It appeared that he pushed or got hold of Mr McCandlish’s neck and got him to the floor. Another man present then hit him several times with a baseball bat.

The pair saw some people coming so they jumped over the fence. O’Mara was said to have tossed a piece of wood onto Mr McCandlish’s head.

The defendant had other offences of violence on his record.

Miss Charlotte Holland, defending, said tensions had earlier been running high, but that was no excuse for what happened.

“There was a rush of blood to the head. He lost control of himself and behaved in this atrocious way.

“He didn’t intend the violence to be as considerable as it was.

“He knows it’s time to grow up. He intends to have nothing more to do with that estate”.

Judge Anthony Russell QC told O’Mara: “This was a disgraceful piece of behaviour.

“It seems the other person you were with caused far more of the injuries than you. You did take part in this attack by chucking a piece of wood at the conclusion of it.

“Only an immediate custodial sentence is appropriate”.