Teenager conquers fear of heights to help people with cancer

A young man with a fear of heights did a charity skydive in his grandmother's honour and to help people with cancer.
Ryan Normington during his skydive for CancerCare.Ryan Normington during his skydive for CancerCare.
Ryan Normington during his skydive for CancerCare.

Ryan Normington, 19, from Morecambe, jumped from 15,000ft to raise funds for CancerCare and now he is encouraging others to do the same.

Former Morecambe High School pupil Ryan said: “My 18th birthday was coming up and I wanted to do something big.

Ryan Normington presented a cheque to CancerCare after his skydive.Ryan Normington presented a cheque to CancerCare after his skydive.
Ryan Normington presented a cheque to CancerCare after his skydive.

“Then I had a brainwave – I could do a skydive!

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“My nan went to CancerCare in Lancaster about 10 years ago and it really helped her so I decided to do it for the charity. She is ok now and she is proud that I did the skydive. She thought I was mad for doing it though!”

CancerCare is inviting people to skydive again this year on September 16 at the Black Knights Parachute Centre at Cockerham near Lancaster.

Participants can ‘Jump for CancerCare’ and raise funds to support people of all ages affected by cancer.

Ryan said he was scared but he wanted to do the tandem skydive for his grandmother.

“I couldn’t even see the ground at 15,000ft!” he said.

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“When you first jump out of the plane it takes your breath away.

“It made me feel as if I was going to pass out at first. You feel the parachute open and then you can look around properly.

“You do lots of training so you know how to land properly. It was amazing. I screamed very loud when I landed!

“There was an older man who had also done the skydive. He said he’d done it because there were days when he could not move. We both gave each other a hug and said good luck.”

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Ryan’s grandparents, Marilyn and Peter Normington, said they were very impressed with his bravery.

Ryan’s mum Sarah Head and stepfather, Timothy Head, were also extremely proud.

Ryan recently presented a cheque for £150 to CancerCare accompanied by his girlfriend Andie O’Mara from Morecambe.

He is currently studying bricklaying at Lancaster & Morecambe College and is aiming to set up his own gardening and landscaping business.

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Anna Webster, fundraising team coordinator for CancerCare, said: “What Ryan has done for CancerCare is amazing.

“We’re so delighted that he had a good experience and that he raised funds to help people with cancer.

“If anyone would like to ‘Jump for CancerCare’ on September 16 we would love to hear from them.”

To sign up to ‘Jump for CancerCare’ please go to www.cancercare.org.uk/events

For more information please email [email protected] or call 01524 381 820.