Teenage mum's tragedy

A TEENAGE mum has been left an orphan after her mother killed herself just months after her father died from cancer.

Tara Horgan, 17, found her mother Carol Mcmenamin in the bedroom of the family home in Patterdale Road, Lancaster, after she'd taken an overdose of anti-depressants.

An inquest heard this week that Mrs Mcmenamin, 38, had been suffering from depression following the death of her husband Bryan to cancer in February.

Tara is now having to cope with looking after herself and her new baby Sinead while still coming to terms with the death of both her parents in less than a year.

She said: "Since as long as I can remember my dad had cancer. They took both of his kidneys out when I was 12 and it just went downhill from there. It was just eating him away.

"He went for treatment at St John's Hospice and said he would be back soon, but by the time we got to the hospital he was dead."

Devastated by the death of her husband, Mrs Mcmenamin's depression gradually worsened, Tara told the inquest.

"She became less interested in going out and would stay in her room a lot," explained Tara.

Mrs Mcmenamin had written her daughter a letter on a previous occasion, threatening to kill herself.

Tara discovered her mother's body on November 1 after returning home from a night out with a friend.

Empty tablet packets were found in the room, along with a box of Rennie indigestion tablets.

Mrs Mcmenamin had written the word 'sorry' on the packet. A half empty can of cider was also on the bedside cabinet.

Consultant pathologist Dr Robert Blewitt said Mrs Mcmenamin had taken a quantity of tablets at the very top of the fatal overdose range.

Assistant deputy coroner Derek Baker recorded a verdict of suicide.

Tara now says she is determined to get on with her life for the sake of Sinead.

She is a keen writer and has written a poem in memory of her father.

She is also hoping to go to college to study creative writing in the New Year.

Tara said: "If it was not for my daughter I would have thought about suicide – but I do not want her to be like I am.

"I've got to be here for her.''

Tara and Sinead will be spending this Christmas with relatives.