Teen gives first aid to injured man

Emily Barrett
Emily Barrett

A schoolgirl had to put her first aid skills to the test to help an injured man.

Emily Barrett, 15 from Abraham Heights in Lancaster was on a day out with her mum recently when the vital importance of first aid skills was brought sharply into focus as they came across an injured man lying on the ground.

Emily said: “We were on our way to Blackpool for the day when we saw a crowd gathered round a man lying on the floor.

“Mum stopped the car and we got and went to see if we could help.

“The man on the ground had fallen from his bike. I explained that I was a trained first aider.

“No-one seemed to be helping so I just got on with what I knew I had to do.”

Emily is a volunteer with St John Ambulance in Morecambe and has been trained in first aid during her four years with the charity.

Emily continued: “I checked the area for danger to make sure no-one else was likely to get hurt and went to get the first aid kit from the car.

“The man was conscious but seemed confused.

“He had a nasty cut over his eye that I treated and bandaged.

“Someone had called an ambulance so I just kept talking to him and reassuring him whilst we waited for the emergency services.

“When the paramedics arrived I explained what I had done and we left them to take care of the man.

“I might be a teenager but the first aid skills I’ve learned really can save lives. I would urge everyone to learn at least basic first aid, you never know when you might need it.”