Taxi drivers face council in court again

Taxi drivers protest in Dalton Square on Friday.
Taxi drivers protest in Dalton Square on Friday.

Another row between the Lancaster Hackney cab trade and the city council has resulted in court dates for two taxi drivers.

The drivers have been summoned by Lancaster City Council to appear before the city’s magistrates court on July 12 for “failing to comply with the district’s byelaws relating to hackney carriages”.

The row centres on whether taxis must make their way back to a rank that is not already fully occupied after taking a fare.

But the Hackney Carriage trade, which has taken a battering after being moved to Dalton Square earlier this year, has reacted angrily to the move, arguing that a report to the licensing act sub committee in 2001 agreed that the joint approach of police and council has been to allow hackney carriages to park outside nightclubs, although it is recognised that it is not in accordance with bye-laws.

Coun Jonathan Dixon, chair of the council’s licensing regulatory committee, said: “This requirement is not new or unusual and forms part of the national Model byelaws, which have been enacted by many other local authorities.

“The purpose is to ensure that hackney carriages are available to the public at designated ranks, and that congestion is not caused by over-ranking or by parking in other undesignated places.”