Taxi driver’s Facebook giveaway

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A taxi driver who wrote an e-book about some of his funnier tales and experiences picking up fares has launched a Facebook event giving his book away for free.

Dave Price, from Heysham, whose book How To Annoy A Taxi Driver is for sale on the Amazon website, started his novel on February 14, 2009.

Now, four years later, he is offering his book for free at and on

He said: “Valentines Day is a significant date in the creation of this book, as it was on that date, in 2009 that I originally wrote the 26 item list that started things off.

“I gave my book away for free on New Years Day this year, with no plugs, no email newsletters, and no publicity of any kind.

“By the end of the day, for the category my book is listed in, it was seen at the number 1 free position, right next to Karl Pilkington’s book “An Idiot Abroad” in the paid position.

“So for February 14 and 15, I have arranged the Facebook event in the hope of a wave of publicity which will push my book up the main Amazon Kindle chart.”

Dave submitted his book for publishing during Christmas 2011 and the rest is history.

He said: “My aim is to entertain and I feel proud of myself for doing it.

“Most of the passengers I’ve picked up are from round here, and there’s probably an element of Oh my word, that sounds like the sort of thing I get up to when I’ve had a drink!’ about it.

“I guess it qualifies as local interest.”