Tattoo tribute to tragic star

Mark Reed at work in his tattoo studio.
Mark Reed at work in his tattoo studio.

A Lancaster tattooist has helped keep the memory of Robin Williams alive by tattooing the actor’s face onto one of his customers.

Mark Reed, who owns Evolve tattoo studio in St Frances Passage, was asked to design the tattoo after Williams was found dead at his home last week.

The image of Robins Williams on the thigh of Henry Clark

The image of Robins Williams on the thigh of Henry Clark

Using a picture from the 1997 film Flubber, which the American actor starred in, Mark tattooed the image onto Henry Clark’s left thigh.

Mark, 32, said: “Henry messaged me and asked if anyone had asked for a Robin Williams tattoo and said he would have one. I have tattooed Henry before – he collects portraits and has different celebrities; I also did him a Rik Mayall portrait on the back of his calf when he died.

“He left it up to me to choose a Robin Williams picture, and I found the Flubber one which was a really clear image for me to work off – he said it was the perfect picture.”

Mark has become known in the tattoo world for his realistic portaits of celebrities and family members, and regularly has customers from across the country visiting, particularly since setting up a Facebook page dedicated to his work. He said: “People quite often want a tattoo as a memorial to remember someone by.

“On Sunday I had a guy come up from Kent for me to do a tattoo of his dad – I was a bit overwhelmed by that.

“I do a lot of realistic work and a lot of portraits and movie stars, tattoos which people can relate to.”

Mark has been in business for almost seven years, after changing careers from being a joiner to follow his dream of owning a tattoo studio.