Talks will focus on building new local economy

Transition City Lancaster members Caroline Jackson, Paul Martyn, Tony Haslam and Kathy Barton.
Transition City Lancaster members Caroline Jackson, Paul Martyn, Tony Haslam and Kathy Barton.

Global warming, the economy, social inequality and the environment will be the topics of discussion at a conference in Lancaster on July 12 and 13.

Organised by Transition Network with the Institute for Leadership and Sustainability at the University of Cumbria, Transition Lancaster, and South Lakes Action on Climate Change, the conference aims to give communities the means to tackle these challenges.

Conference organiser Tony Haslam of Transition Lancaster said: “This conference will give people the inspiration, skills and power to develop a new future for their communities in the North West.

“There will be workshops and discussions about how to create new, local economies and promote local shops, services and jobs. We will look at the potential for alternative currencies to help stimulate local economies and how the revolution in community renewable energy generation could benefit the region. We’re also going to have a lot of fun!”

The programme includes the world renowned speaker and author Rob Hopkins, who set up the Transition movement as an international community-driven approach to creating societies which use local cooperation and interdependence to shrink their ecological impact.

He said: “It was a huge honour to be at the Unleashing of Transition City Lancaster a few years ago. I’m really looking forward to seeing how things have evolved and developed since then. I’ll be speaking at the event, a talk called The Many Splendored Thing we call Transition, giving a sense of where Transition is going, and why it matters more than ever.”

Naresh Giangrande, Transition Network and conference organiser, said: “We are really pleased to be able to support this conference in the North West - the very first of a series of regional conferences that will help to create healthy, happy societies.”

The North West Transition Conference will be held at the University of Cumbria. Tickets are £20/£10 conc. Details from