Talented young actress makes TV drama debut

Alexis Wilson Fish, left.
Alexis Wilson Fish, left.
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A talented Lancaster schoolgirl endured physical discomfort and emotionally challenging scripts to play the daughter of serial killer Fred West in a TV drama due to air next week.

Six-year-old Lexi Wilson-Fish, who goes to Moorside Primary School, plays Charmaine West in Channel 5’s Fred and Rose West: The Untold Story, which starts on Thursday November 6 at 10pm and runs for three nights.

Alexis Wilson-Fish

Alexis Wilson-Fish

Charmaine was murdered by Rose West, Fred West’s wife, when she was eight-years-old.

Lexi’s mum Indie said: “Alexis has always been very confident and driven, however she has surprised us all with her technical ability and natural acting skills.

“She willingly put herself through a lot filming this piece, however she impressed everyone with her maturity and professionalism.

“We are really proud of how hard she works to fit this around school.”

Robin Anderson, the three part drama’s series producer and director, said that Lexi was “exuberent, with plenty of energy” and he would definitely work with her again.

He added: ““Lexi had many scenes, including both scripted and improvised dialogue, some of which involved physical discomfort.

“She willingly and repeatedly put herself through whatever was required, which sometimes involved several takes from differing angles.

She was exuberant, with plenty of energy, but immediately focused and took direction well once we started working on a scene.

“She played convincingly a range of emotions, from playing happily and excitedly with her younger sister to reassuring her they’d both be rescued, and from showing defiance towards Rose to physically tussling with her.”

Lexi, who has also appeared in short videos, a TV advert, and a number of modelling shoots, and enjoys gymnastics and Jiu-Jitsu added: “Acting is really fun, and it is just another hobby, like gymnastics.

“I meet lots of new people, and go to different places.”