Table Tennis: Bulldogs sink their teeth into University to go top of table

Phil Goymer, Trimpell Bulldogs.
Phil Goymer, Trimpell Bulldogs.

Trimpell Bulldogs sunk their teeth into Lancaster University B in the Lancaster and Morecambe Table Tennis League, winning 24-12 to go top.

Man of the match was Trimpell’s Phil Goymer, taking nine points, overcoming the impressive power play of Matthew George and winning in three.

The University A side showed no signs of any struggle in their match against Morecambe A with a clean sweep for Uni A players Nicole Finn, Wilson Lai and Mark Ng who all gained a maximum nine points each to beat the understrength Morecambe A side 30-7.

Premier league strugglers Trimpell City had a visit from sixth-placed St Luke’s B with the City side of Mellors, Welbourne and Moorby out of sorts, beaten 12 points to 26 points.

St Luke’s players Graeme Wheelhouse and Tony March took nine points each with Paul Hines taking five.

The game of the evening was a defeat for City players Mellors and Welbourne by Tony March and Paul Hines in the doubles, going down 10-12 in the fifth end.

In a reversal of fortune, St Luke’s B played host to Trimpell Raptors with the visiting Raptors winning 13-23.

In his second outing in two days, Phil Goymer won all his matches, taking nine points for Raptors with Dave Gott collecting eight. Paul Hines put up most resistance for St Luke’s B, collecting a useful eight points for the home side.