Students help tidy up the Lune

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STUDENT volunteers from Lancaster University Students’ Union have been getting busy cleaning up the heavily littered riverbank of the River Lune in Lancaster.

The students are all members of Green Lancaster, and after commuting past the unsightly and rubbish choked stretch of riverside, they decided to do something about it.

The riverside was covered in plastic bottles, wrappers and other refuse, which without the work of the volunteers would end up in the sea; problematic for wildlife, nature and us as a global community.

Together with Morecambe Bay Partnerships, five dedicated Green Lancaster volunteers made a huge visual and environmental difference to the stretch alongside the A683 to Morecambe.

The volunteers removed around 26 black bin bags worth of rubbish, equalling roughly 100kg of waste from the riverside.

Susannah Bleakley from the Morecambe Bay Partnership helped with the task and provided equipment for the volunteers to use.

Susannah said: “Huge thanks to all the volunteers for supporting this event – it really does make a difference.

“I really enjoyed it - there was a lovely relaxed atmosphere and it was so satisfying to clear such a good stretch”. Next time you are travelling to Morecambe, take a look at how lovely the area now looks!