Student recovers after having stomach removed

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A student who had to have her stomach removed after drinking a liquid nitrogen cocktail is still in hospital.

Police said Gaby Scanlon, 18, of Heysham, is making a slow but steady recovery.

A spokesperson said: “She realises this may be a long process but her spirits are up and she is determined to get back to some normality as soon as possible.”

Morecambe and Lunesdale MP David Morris has embarked on a campaign to ask Parliament to consider banning liquid nitrogen being served in drinks.

He said: “Parliament returns following recess this week and I will be assessing the options to make Parliament aware of what has happened to Gaby and I will ask MP’s to consider banning liquid nitrogen drinks before someone else is injured or even killed.”

In order to make a start on the campaign, Mr Morris wrote to The Prime Minister, The Chairman of the Food Standards Agency and Jeremy Hunt MP Secretary of State for Health asking for their support with the campaign.

The Food Standards Agency is currently advising against drinking liquid nitrogen posting on their website: “Its extreme cold temperature makes it unsafe for people to drink and eat because the human body is unable to cope with such a cold internal temperature.”

Professor of Food Physics at Leeds University Malcolm Povey told Reuters last week: “The idea that people put this stuff in drinks is just unbelievable.”