Student mauled by dog

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A LANCASTER student has been left with horrific facial injuries after being attacked by a dog as she sunbathed.

Trainee teacher Bethany Herbert had to be treated in hospital after the unprovoked attack by a black Staffordshire bull terrier. She was left with cuts to the face, internal damage to her nose and black eyes.

Police are now hoping someone can help them to trace the owner, who ran off with his dog – which was not on a lead – after realising what had happened.

Bethany, 19, was sunbathing on the hill leading to the University of Cumbria’s Lancaster campus in Bowerham Road last Monday afternoon when the attack happened.

“I was with my friends when this dog just came from nowhere and bit my nose and then ran off,” she said.

“The owner came over and asked if it had bitten me; I couldn’t reply because I was covered in blood but a friend said it had, and so he just ran off with the dog.

“There were a lot of people about who saw it happen, and someone called the police and gave a description to them.”

See the Lancaster Guardian (05-04-12) for full story.