Stand down call to controversial town councillor

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Latest news.

Calls have been made for a Carnforth Town Councillor to resign.

A formal complaint has also been made about Coun Ian Dent following a critical letter to the Lancaster Guardian about businesses in the town, in which he described them as “mean and greedy”.

Coun Dent was censured by the town council earlier this month for a number of incidents previously reported in the Lancaster Guardian.

Caroline Charnley, chair of Carnforth and District Chamber of Trade said: “Coun Dent criticised the businesses and the Chamber of Trade for not fully funding the information centre, but in fact we had quite heavily subsidised it before it closed.

“We’re a small chamber, and we don’t have that much money, but we’ve recently introduced a new arts festival in the town, and we do a big event for the children every year.

“We felt that it was ridiculous that a councillor, who is supposed to represent the views of the community, has commented in this way.”

Carnforth Mayor Bob Roe said: “There will be a special meeting on April 2 to discuss this incident under Carnforth Town Council’s code of conduct.”

At a full council meeting last week, Carnforth resident Frank Dennis said that Coun Dent’s conduct at council meetings was “disruptive” and called for his resignation.

When contacted by the Lancaster Guardian, coun Dent declined to make an official comment.